Inadequate bra can cause many diseases

According to the results of many studies and surveys, more than 75% of women choose a bra of the wrong size, that is, when choosing a priority is given not to safety and comfort, but to visual preferences.

Women admit that they are ready to buy a bra that is liked by the model, style, color, corresponding to fashion trends and in the absence of a suitable size, will buy it bigger or smaller, without thinking about the possible harm to health.

Nobody even guesses how important this selection of this part of the wardrobe is of the appropriate size, since so to say the "wrong" bra becomes the cause of a whole "bouquet" of diseases that seemingly have nothing to do with this piece of clothing.

Properly selected bra does not disrupt the function of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, it does not impede movement, does not lead to disruption of the function of the digestive and respiratory organs, provides a good mood and a sense of tightness.

So, a smaller bra can lead to:

No less "disasters" for health and beauty bring products too large. The mammary gland consists of glandular tissue and fatty tissue, that is, it does not have muscles. And if you wear a bra that does not support the breast every day, then against the background of weight gain, hormonal changes, the force of gravity leads to stretching of ligaments and skin, which is fraught with:

  • development of mastoptosis
  • an increase in the load on the back, and as a result - a violation of posture, increased stress on the spine

When choosing a bra, doctors call on women to be guided first and foremost by the material and the appropriate size, and not by the external characteristics of this wardrobe item.

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