External hemorrhoids - treatment, ointments, suppositories, cream, folk remedies

Hemorrhoids - a disease that occurs when the circulatory disorders in the veins of the anus, which is characterized by the formation of an expansion of veins and nodes. When the disease progresses, these nodes become inflamed and drop out either into the anus or into the lumen of the intestine. For hemorrhoids, characteristic symptoms are pain in the anus and discharge of blood during defecation.

Doctors classify this disease, dividing it into three forms of development: internal (see internal hemorrhoids - symptoms, treatment ), combined and external hemorrhoids. Treatment and diagnosis of any of its forms should be timely, fast in order to avoid exacerbations and complications. When a person develops internal hemorrhoids, his symptoms are mostly not pronounced, only occasionally pain or insignificant blood is produced.

Because of the delicacy of the problem, rare patients immediately seek consultation and diagnosis for the proctologist, but when the painful symptoms increase and external hemorrhoids arise, treatment is urgently needed, and the disease is already considered neglected.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

In the remission phase, when there is no exacerbation of the inflammatory process, patients usually have almost no complaints, but during the relapse of a person's disease, the following symptoms are concerned:

  • Blood after emptying on feces or on toilet paper. With small size of the nodes of the external hemorrhoids this happens not often, however, when the knots become larger, the stool masses injure the skin and, when defecating, the appearance of blood is possible. Also, a frequent companion of hemorrhoids are cracks in the anus, whose bleeding occurs more often.
  • In the area of ​​the anal opening, there is often a feeling of discomfort, heaviness and itching, irritation. Read more about the causes of itching in the anus in this article.
  • With relapse, exacerbation, when the hemorrhoidal nodes become inflamed, there is pain during the excrement and some time afterwards.
  • The patient himself can palpate small cones, which are located near the anus, they can be different in number and size.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with tablets

Among the oral medications for the treatment of external hemorrhoids the most popular are the following drugs:

  • – таблетки для лечения острого наружного геморроя, их используют при любой форме и стадии заболевания, поскольку этот препарат обладает капилляропротективным действием, улучшает микроциркуляцию в прямой кишке, является венотонизирующим средством. Ginkor fort - tablets for the treatment of acute external hemorrhoids, they are used in any form and stage of the disease, since this drug has a capillaroprotective effect, improves microcirculation in the rectum, is a venotonic agent. In the acute stage of the inflammatory process it alleviates the symptoms, prevents the formation of new hemorrhoids, strengthens the blood vessels.
  • Detralex (analogue of Venarus, Venodiol is cheaper) - used for symptomatic treatment of external hemorrhoids. This agent also has a venotonic and venoprotective property. The drug reduces venous congestion and the extensibility of veins, increases the resistance of capillaries.
  • – слабительное средство растительного происхождения, которое используется при запорах, частых спутников наружного геморроя. Anthrasennin is a laxative remedy of plant origin, which is used for constipation, frequent companions of external hemorrhoids. Treatment with laxatives should be very careful, because with their long use, the natural peristalsis of the intestine changes, the body gets used to the action of any means and in the future, constipation will be more frequent and permanent.
  • – это БАД, которую рекомендовано использовать как дополнительный источник эфирных масел, витамина С, биофлавоноидов. Litovit B is a dietary supplement recommended for use as an additional source of essential oils, vitamin C, bioflavonoids.
  • — это также БАД, растительного происхождения, способствующее нормализации капиллярного кровообращения. Asklezan A is also a dietary supplements, of plant origin, which contributes to the normalization of the capillary circulation.
  • эти таблетки при наружном геморрое оказывают противоотечное, ранозаживляющее, антиоксидантное, венотонизирующее, антимикробное и противовоспалительное действие. Pileks - these tablets with external hemorrhoids have anti-edema, wound healing, antioxidant, venotonizing, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. This multi-component herbal remedy, reduces venous congestion, flushing, puffiness and other symptoms of the inflammatory process in both chronic and acute hemorrhoids in the stage of relapse.

Treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids with ointments, suppositories

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, any pharmacological agents should be used only according to the doctor's prescription, they should be only an addition to a rational, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Use candles and ointments should be short courses, no more than 10 days, then you need to take a break (see ointments from hemorrhoids ). Especially cautious should be treated with hormonal ointments and suppositories, their uncontrolled use entails long-term negative health effects.

  • Proctosedil Проктоседил

Ointment for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, internal, combined, which includes glucocorticoid, antibiotic, sodium salt of heparin, so this drug has a pronounced anesthetic, antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial action.

  • Posterizan ointment and suppositories Постеризан

This is a combined preparation, which contains an E. coli, which increases local immunity, increases the resistance of the skin around the anus and the rectal mucosa to the pathogenic microflora. These candles and ointments stimulate cellular immunity, its lymphocyte system, increasing the phagocytic activity of leukocytes, and also increases the tone and permeability of blood vessels, restores the regeneration of damaged tissues.

  • Relief Advance, Relief Ultra

The most popular and effective suppositories and ointments from external hemorrhoids. Included in these local medicines is shark liver oil, which has local wound healing, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effects. Also in the composition is phenylephrine hydrochloride, which has a local vasoconstrictive effect, which reduces the itching and swelling of the tissues during hemorrhoids.

  • Hepatrombin G Гепатромбин

Treatment of external hemorrhoids with ointments and gels Gepatrombin is considered very effective, since this combination drug consists of heparin, allantoin and dexpanthenol. Heparin is a known and widely used agent that precedes the formation of thrombi, it is also a decongestant that improves local blood flow in the rectum. Allantoin has an anti-inflammatory effect, improves cell proliferation, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues. Dexpanthenol promotes epithelialization of tissues and improves the absorption of heparin.

  • Aurobin Ауробин

For treatment of external hemorrhoids ointment Aurobin should be used only for the doctor's prescription, since the hormone means - prednisolone - is included in the composition. Also, Lidocaine is included as an anesthetic component, which quickly relieves burning, pain, and dexpanthenol, which heals rapidly the affected tissues and Triclosan, which has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, destroying both microbes and fungi.

  • Methyluracil Метилурацил

This is a stimulator of tissue repair, so these candles are sometimes prescribed when combined external hemorrhoids and cracks in the anus to speed their healing, as well as as an anti-inflammatory, hematopoietic, immunostimulating effect.

  • Heparin ointment Гепариновая

Used for thrombosis of hemorrhoidal veins. In acute hemorrhoids, this ointment is lubricated with a coarse cloth and applied to the hemorrhoids or injected like a tampon into the rectum. Heparin gradually has an antithrombotic effect and reduces the inflammatory process. The benzyl ester of nicotinic acid helps the absorption of heparin, as it expands the surface vessels, and analgesic effect is provided by anesthesin.

  • Anusole Анузол

Candles with zinc sulfate, extract of belladonna leaves, bismuth oxide and bismuth tribromophenolate. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, drying effect. Used for cracks in the anus and hemorrhoids.

The choice of drugs, depending on the main symptom of hemorrhoids:

  • If the main problem at the moment is pain in the node, then you can choose candles with lidocaine, anesthetics, such as Emla, Relief Advance.
  • With uncomplicated hemorrhoids, you can use anticoagulants, such as Nigepan or heparin ointment.
  • When the hemorrhoids are complicated by the inflammatory process, the doctor can prescribe NSAIDs - Diclofenac , Pyroxecam, Ibuprofen (see the list of all NSAIDs ointments for pain and shots from pain )
  • If the surrounding skin is attached to the inflammatory process, then prescribe Mafenide acetate ointment, Levomekol (Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine and Chloramphenicol).
  • When bleeding should be used combination drugs, which include venotonic, anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive, painkillers - Procto-gliwenol, Relief, as well as hemostatic agents, hemostatics - Adroxon.

Fighting constipation with hemorrhoids - diet

Lifting weights, long straining, a sedentary lifestyle, permanent constipation is a direct way to the development of hemorrhoids. One of the main methods of preventing relapses is the prevention of constipation. You can never tolerate and hold a chair, at the very first urge you should immediately empty the intestines.

Observance of a diet for hemorrhoids - a pledge of no constipation and prolongation of remission of the disease. To include in your daily diet the maximum number of those vegetables, products that are weakened:

  • Fruit - prunes, dried apricots or fresh apricots, apples, peaches, tangerines, figs
  • Bread - whole grains and grains in bread products, black bread
  • Vegetables - beetroot, pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Juices - plum, apricot juice, all vegetable juices with pulp
  • Wine - only white

To use in limited quantities or completely eliminate the foods that specifically fortify your intestines, because each organism is individual and someone, for example, beet or pear slackens, and in others causes constipation. Therefore, below we will give an approximate list of products that most often cause constipation:

  • Meat and dairy products - boiled lean meat, strong meat broths, raw eggs, egg boiled egg, hard boiled, cottage cheese
  • Cereals - mango, rice broth, rice porridge
  • Macaroni products from hard wheat varieties
  • Fruits - quince, pomegranate, unripe and dried pears, persimmon, dried blueberries, mountain ash, black currant, raisins and grapes, all astringent fruits
  • Vegetables - mashed potatoes, aubergines, carrots
  • Bread - biscuit biscuits, white bread, biscuits, bagels
  • Sweets - iris, chocolate, chocolate sweets
  • Decoctions of plants - pharmacy chamomile , oak bark, mint, cherry fruit
  • Gelatin, starch - that is, jelly, jelly, jelly
  • Drinks - strong black coffee and tea, dried fruit compote

Treatment of external hemorrhoids by folk remedies

  • Replenishment of magnesium deficiency. With a lack of this microelement, convulsions appear, hemorrhoids, bruises on the body. Replenish it with the following products: nuts, tomatoes, green leaves of vegetables, chicory , olives, parsley, pumpkin, plum, oats, rye bread, bran, raw egg yolk, potatoes.
  • , поскольку также недостаток этого витамина сказывается на развитии геморроя. Replenishment of vitamin K deficiency , because also the lack of this vitamin affects the development of hemorrhoids. Vitamin K is synthesized in the intestine, so if a person has permanent constipation, therefore, this vitamin is not produced in the right amount and should be replenished with products that have enough of it: all green plants, as well as soybean oil, cabbage, liver, spinach, walnuts, tomatoes.
  • Эти витамины не накапливаются в организме, поэтому они чаще всего всегда в организме в дефиците. Replenishment of a lack of vitamin C and B. These vitamins do not accumulate in the body, so they are often always in the body in short supply. Try to eat as much of the following foods: raw fruits and vegetables, potatoes, berries, cabbage, green onions, sorrel, tomatoes, sweet pepper, strawberries, black currant, all citrus, kiwi.
  • Этот витамин также при недостатке влияет на развитие геморроя. Replenishment of vitamin R deficiency. This vitamin also influences the development of hemorrhoids if it is deficient. Sources of vitamin P: dog rose, buckwheat, green tea, black currant, oranges, chokeberry.
  • Одним из эффективных методов лечения наружного геморроя народными средствами, по отзывам многих пациентов, являются тампоны с облепиховым маслом. Sea buckthorn oil - One of the effective methods of treating external hemorrhoids by folk remedies, according to many patients, are tampons with sea buckthorn oil. This can be done by applying a wadded disk moistened in oil, to the anus or inserting completely into the rectum at night. You can also use ready-made pharmacy candles with sea-buckthorn oil.
  • из очищенного картофеля, вырезается суппозиторий, диаметром 7-10 мм, длинной 4-5 см, края свечки закругляются. Potato candles - from peeled potatoes, a suppository is cut out, with a diameter of 7-10 mm, a length of 4-5 cm, the edges of the candle are rounded. To put such candles should be on all night for 10 days. With external hemorrhoids, potato can be treated in the form of lotions made from potato juice, you can also moisten the cotton disc in juice and apply to hemorrhoids for 20 minutes.
  • More information on How to treat hemorrhoids at home can be read in our article.

, выполнять ее следует каждый день, это всего 3 не сложных упражнения: Also very useful for external hemorrhoid gymnastics sphincter , it should be performed every day, this is only 3 not difficult exercises:

  • Exercise is done lying on the back, compress the buttocks, counting slowly to 5, with the maximum draw in the rectum. You should also relax on the score to 5. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  • Lie on your stomach, put your hands under your chin - alternately raise one straight leg, 10 times left, 10 times right.
  • Lie on your right side, right arm bend at the elbow under the head, while the left arm is also bent, but before the chest, the right leg, too, bend. At 4 tabs, raise the left leg and bend at the knee, straighten, pull back, then lower. A similar exercise done on the left side 10 times.

If you suffer from this disease, and you know of any effective means and methods of treating external hemorrhoids, your feedback will be of interest to our readers, you can leave it in the comments.


  1. From hemorrhoids very well helps Norman balm and tar medicinal bath. It is also necessary to clean the large intestine and give up toilet paper and wet napkins. Only wash with warm water after defecation.

  2. Already 4 months, as nodules of external hemorrhoids have disappeared (there was a 1-2 stage). 42 years, 100 kg, sedentary lifestyle. I do not presume to say exactly what helped. What did (numbering in efficiency ... well, it seemed):
    1) Began using loose, non-stretch panties.
    2) Has ceased to tighten a stomach a belt.
    3) Every morning, with the help of a shower head, I did a whirlpool with cool water, after which I used Posterizan forte ointment. When the nodules disappeared, he changed the ointment to Gepatrombin G.
    4) 3 times a week I run in the mornings for 15 minutes.
    Good luck, and God give you health!

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