Lazy live longer: in order to live long and healthy it is necessary to use life energy intelligently

Famous German physician Peter Akst made a sensational statement: "Fitness and professional sports shorten life." Together with his daughter, doctor Michaela Akst-Gadermann, Mr. Akst published a book under the provocative title "Lazy live longer".

The publication is simply replete with statements that can infuriate all adherents of a healthy lifestyle, including cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. What is one thing "Idleness and laziness - the guarantee of health." Peter Akst is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, a doctor of medicine 76 years of age. Author of publications on psychology and gerontology. In his youth, he was engaged in running for long distances.

Ladies are going through cavaliers

Akst confirmed all his statements with references to well-known physiologists and doctors. Thus, he cites the argument of his compatriot, the physiologist Rubner, who in 1908 established that every living being at birth is provided with a certain stock of vital forces, which must stretch for the rest of his life. Who spent earlier, he died earlier.

Everything is determined from the number of cell divisions to the number of sexual acts. The theory is not devoid of meaning. For today it is known that every woman is supplied at birth with a certain number of eggs that mature from the moment of reaching maturity or die ingloriously under the influence of harmful external factors. Once all the eggs are consumed, go to menopause .

Also with cell divisions. One of the theories of old age is reduced to the fact that the cells at a certain moment exhaust their potential for further divisions or intracellular renewal (neurocytes) and the body can no longer remain afloat.

Another scientist German, Professor Principagher developed a theory of vital energy, which states that all living beings, in proportion to their body weight, have the same reserves of vital energy. Therefore, the time (as is known, the relative concept) flows differently for the mouse and for the elephant, which have a different number of heartbeats per minute. That the mouse is going through for a minute, the elephant tests for a week. But to a man, according to the Principal, two times more energy is allocated per unit of body weight than the rest of the mammal.

From all this, Akst concludes that only the person decides where and for what period of time he will calculate his life-supply.

But further on, Akst reinforces his assertions with a murderous argument about the difference in the life expectancy of men and women.

A medical fact, not refuted by WHO, that women all over the world live five to seven years longer than men. At the same time, the difference in backward or economically prosperous countries is quite insignificant. It's just that in the third world countries women do not live long either. However, the distance between them and men is not reduced.

It is worth mentioning that other physiologists argue that the main reason for this difference is the hormonal background, different in ladies and gentlemen. A beautiful sex, de, covers estrogen from cardiovascular disasters, possessing cardioprotective action, and men all their life smoke, drink, moreover they are deprived of that favorable estrogen background, which women lose only to the period of menopause, when they equalize for the risk of heart attack with men (cm health after 50 years ).

But Herr Akst for such provocations is not conducted, but authoritatively states that the man himself, in accordance with the idea of ​​nature, does not need to live long. His business is to give birth to a son, plant a tree and build a house. And if, instead of a son, he gave birth to a daughter, then further and generally bother is meaningless. But the woman still has to save her energy in order to increase the birth of children to at least some independence. Probably, that's why she so cherishes her strength, working in the service from nine to five, dragging bags from shops, cooking, washing, taking the children out into circles and walks, still having time to visit some fitness and swimming pool, and this is only taking in the attention of women in cities where there is no garden, stove heating and living creatures in the barn.

Aksta does not confuse these reliable facts from the life of the Russian remote places, where he, happily, never visited. Impressive German explains all that with the same weight-growth parameters, a woman's metabolism flows more slowly by 10%. That is, in a unit of time, she spends 10% less energy. And, accordingly, the woman lives longer.

Of course, semi-literate psychologists, specializing in the characteristics of the relationship between the sexes, mistakenly claim that most women are simply stupid, as traffic jams. But thus are enough aggressive (by virtue of fluctuations of the hormonal background for which the rigid male mentality does not keep up). As a result, most of the women simply manage to roll their men to the grave board much earlier than the time that is released by nature. And the will of stupid blondes and brunettes was given by the champions of their emancipation and the feminization of society, who had to collect more taxes from working women, sell them more goods that they had never used close (pants, cigarettes, pivasik, contraceptives).

It is interesting to see the influence of women on a man during family life. In most cases, the role of a man does not agree with the "strong". Many have noticed how a harsh and determined employee, boss or comrade completely loses face next to his second "weak" half. It's even awkward to look at him at such a moment, what is this magical transformation?

It turns out that a stronger sex is much weaker than a weak psychological and strategic development of marital relations. A man who was originally oriented to interacting with the outside world as a getter is not at all ready to pull the rope in a family relationship, to which the woman is prepared much more carefully and in advance.

Fighters - remember, boxers - write down

It is high time to open your eyes to the fact that:

  • sport life shortens
  • health undermines
  • causes dependence
  • feeling of emptiness with reduced loads or losses.

In the book, Akst mentions a lion whose life expectancy in the wild savannah is 8-10 years, and in the zoo - all 20. The wily author forgets to tell what the risks of a mature king of beasts are to be choked with buffalo horns, die in a fight with a young pretender for a pride or just fall from the banal infection in a hungry year. After all, in the zoological garden for the skin of a lion is responsible decent staff, who does not want to live in the velfer and remain without insurance and pensions. And in the wild, the lion himself is responsible for both the female and the offspring, risking themselves daily. But Peter Akst rest on the fact that it is relaxation in the cage that allows animals to become long-livers.

Next, from all sorts of animals, the author switches attention to people. And immediately leads to the example of the Greek marathon runner Phillipid, who died after running a distance of 42 km from Marathon to Athens in 490 BC.

  • Well, firstly, nobody knows what was the initial state of the heart muscle and the valve apparatus of the runner, whether he had problems with the conduction system of the heart. It is likely that even without any marathon, the Greek would have stretched his muscular legs one of these days.
  • Secondly, even today marathon runners are dying that flies, and no one has yet said that a marathon is a means of prevention, not an ada load on the body.

Cardiologists are increasingly calling for aerobic exercise for 4-6 hours a week, which allow normalizing oxidative processes in the myocardium and protect the body from atherosclerosis.

It turns out that many generally accepted opinions are no more than delusions. Moreover, these are familiar and cozy, that it is a pity to part with them, that is, to dissuade them ...

  • For example, inexorable statistics and facts confirm that regular physical exercises, including morning jogs, not only do not increase life expectancy, but quite the contrary - reduce it.
  • So does this mean that a lazy person, a drunkard and a smoker in a more favorable situation? Of course not! We consider here only a separate factor - regular physical loads, which are inherently a mechanism of wear. It should be noted that not without positive moments ...
  • For example, the willpower, which is formed, and the endorphins that are released, which affect the positive attitude towards life, is good. Muscle tone and beautiful slender body is also good, but wear is bad.

If we could represent good and bad factors in numerical values, then the problem would have been solved long ago by the means of first-grade arithmetic. But in the problem under consideration, there are many individual parameters that have made it possible to make its decision not obvious.

  • For example, the addiction to physical exercises, along with the encouragement of endorphins, creates the feeling of a "held day," without actually having done any useful work for the day.
  • From the point of view of the development of willpower and other positive moments inherent in daily physical exercises, it would be more correct to run from one pedestrian crossing to another in order to help the weak people to cross the road.
  • If a person is seriously engaged in daily physical stress, it is wasting energy comparable to the average volume of work on the premises during the day. In the long-term perspective, spent for physical education for a lifetime of strength would be enough to build a large stone mansion, including trimmed lawns in the summer and perfectly cleared snow in front of the house in winter.
  • The diverse application of their life resources will require greater concentration and self-organization, which does not allow the brain to fall asleep again.

And for skeptical readers, let us clarify again that, of course, watching TV regularly on a couch with a bottle of beer (or even without) is much more harmful because of the general degradation of the mind and body than the daily exercise.

Heart, heart, what happened, what with you

With the help of physical education and even more sports can not get rid of diseases. Unfortunately, they can not completely protect themselves from cardiovascular risks.

For example, an excellent Soviet cardiac surgeon, Academician N.M. Amosov, all his life fled from the pathologies of the mid-vascular system and even summed up a solid theoretical basis for the assertion that regular exercise can prevent cardiovascular disasters and diseases. Unfortunately, nature played a cruel joke with the respected clinician, rewarding him in his old age with a weakness of the sinus node, which worn out despite the cardiac stresses that reduced the risk of atherosclerotic vascular changes. In 89 academician died of a heart attack. After him, there were diary entries, which detail the training, part of the experimental part of the extension of life.

Here, too, Astst shocks the imagination of the readers with a list of victims of the sports run:

  • American sports journalist James Fix, the god of the marathon and health run.
  • The author of the best-selling book "All About Running" fell victim to him, having died during a health run at the age of 52 years.
  • Jack Kelly, the silver medalist in rowing, died of a heart attack.
  • Emil Zatolek, being the world champion in athletics against the background of a heart attack did not live to 79 years.
  • Russian Vladimir Kuts, the world record holder in the race joined the sad list in 48 years.

Acts also rest on the fact that life in cold climatic zones consumes vital forces at a frantic pace. The king of Russian fitness Vladimir Turchinsky - 46 years old death, former player of Moscow CSKA Sergei Filippenkov - 44.

Seven Rules of the Acta

The author of the book gives recommendations to his readers how to live long and healthy:

  • Vigorously walk for 30 minutes four times a week. It is necessary to achieve that the pulse at the same time reaches 120 beats per minute and does not go off scale.
  • Stretching for 15 minutes is useful three times a week.
  • It is necessary to avoid stress or philosophically treat them.
  • Learn your ideal weight and stick to it, avoiding overeating. Fast or fast once in seven days.
  • Get enough sleep. Do not get up in the morning before twenty minutes past seven.
  • Drag to the sunlight and try to stay warm more often.
  • Appreciate idleness.

Adhering to such rules, a person, according to the act, can survive in a preserved state up to 130 years.

Complex stretching from Professor P.Aksta

Increasing the elasticity of muscles, stretching exercises teach a person to move plastic and protect him from domestic traumatism. With age, the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus decreases, the mobility of the joints is limited, degenerative-dystrophic changes begin in them. Save the nutrition of articular cartilage, the normal mobility of the limbs and the elasticity of the ligaments allow simple exercises.

Before implementing them, it is worth remembering a few important recommendations.

  • Stretch only the heated muscles. Otherwise, pain or injury can not be avoided.
  • Exercises should be done without haste, given the initial capabilities of muscles and ligaments.
  • Pain should not arise during classes.
  • Each exercise takes 30 seconds.
  • Each exercise is repeated twice.
  • Breathing should be calm and rhythmic.
  • Each stretching should be followed by a minute pause.

How to stretch the muscles of the shoulders, the back of the shoulder and back

Stand up straight. One hand to put on the back of the head. The second is slightly to press the elbow first and pull it to yourself. Restrain muscle tension for half a minute. Change hands. Repeat.

For pectoral muscles

Stand upright, place your arms horizontally in front of your chest, palms down. Bend your elbows and take your hands back for the body as much as possible. Hold the position for 3 seconds. Repeat the exercise.

Stretching Brushes

Pull out your hands over your head, folding open hands with your hands. Lower the folded hands to the head, and then to the chest. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Repeat.

For buttocks and thighs

Sit on a chair. Put your right foot on the thigh of your left foot. With one hand, grab the ankle, the second is the knee. Then slowly pull the leg to the chest until the muscles of the buttocks strain. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat for the other leg.

Thigh Stretching

Stand in front of a chair with legs about shoulder width apart. Lean with your right hand on the back, bend your left leg to the back. With your left hand, clasp your toes. Pull the heel to the buttock to the tension of the muscles of the thigh. Hold the position for half a minute. Repeat for the other leg.

Elaboration of gastrocnemius muscles

Stand behind the chair. Lean your hands on the back. The left arm should be pulled back without lifting the foot from the floor. Bend the right leg to tension in the gastrocnemius muscle. Hold for 3 seconds. Change foot and repeat.

How much does fitness cost?

To date, a huge number of people who care about their health, leave huge amounts in gyms and paid groups, are spent for classes with an individual coach or attend public gyms. How much will they be able to add to their lives? You will be surprised, because it is not about ten or even about five years, but only two. At the same time, American cardiologist Jacobi estimated that during his life the average American, leading a healthy lifestyle, conducts these same two years in training.

Thus, the usual work at home, in the garden, walks with children or a dog is enough to get the necessary aerobic cardiac loads. The main thing is that outdoor walks are regular, and labor is not debilitating. By the way, Gerontologists have established that not only playing a musical instrument or studying foreign languages, but also regular physical activity allows the elderly to keep a sober mind and not suffer from dementia (senile dementia ).

Your opinion on the topic can be expressed in the comments!


  1. It's all good, of course. Do not exhaust yourself, rest, do not worry. But what about the ordinary person living in Russia, for example. For example, in Chelyabinsk, as I) ecology on a scale of 10 points - minus one hundred) it is also planned to build a GOK - a huge plant. The average Russian is working from 9 to 6. That is, you need to get up to a maximum of seven, so as not to be late for work. Return home at least seven, cook, clean. Plus the children. And the tranquility is even harder to find - minibuses, Russian post, job-customers-suppliers-buyers, housing office, higher prices, currency leap, new laws, construction of nearby plants, non-construction of schools and polyclinics, queues in polyclinics, etc. If Akst studied Russia, he would be surprised at how we survive until we reach 20. By the way, an interesting article) author-well done!

    • There is an option, buy housing is not in the city but in the village.

    • to change the laws to European ones! Then the people will be easy and simple. For him all decide! As in Germany. There everything is calculated and calculated. Man simply enjoys and lives for his own pleasure!
      For the people these laws are that manna is heavenly, For the current president and others, this is a knife in the heart.

  2. The article really liked, many facts are well analyzed, given in an easy, slightly ironic form. Something I have already read in various publications, in this article the author has made a concentrate of many points of view on the question. With many, you can agree and accept, as a guide to action. Of course, with adjustments to private living conditions. I live in Siberia, the climate is harsh, the environment is bad in the town, near the aluminum plant (Shelekhov, Irkutsk region) So I agree with the author of the commentary Katerina that have the database in our database for our research, something, perhaps, he would have to reconsider in his conclusions. The author of the article thank you, it was interesting to read.

  3. About Amosov neighing, thank you. Throw a cry, who wants to die from a heart attack at age 89, the turn will be like in a mausoleum in the Soviet years. And in fact he operated almost until the last day.

    • So with Amsov ... the fact is that the sinus node was worn out long before that, he was given a pacemaker, and he would have died much earlier than 89 years, if not for surgery, and not for heart attack, but for cardiac arrest. Well, yes, myocardial infarction is an easy death, it will be a turn - I agree, fools do not lie in diapers paralyzed or long to die of cancer with hellish pain in about 55 years ...

    • And if you consider that the surgeon is a very harmful profession, they live on average up to 50-55 years, then Amos, thanks to his way of life, has become just a long-liver.

  4. I liked the article very much. On the note took exercises on the stretching, tk there is a healthy pofigizm, sometimes like to be lazy (on vacation with a girlfriend and say - we are now intensely lazy), and do not go to fitness .... and her husband read the article - a workaholic ......

  5. I liked the article very much! During the time I felt like, I was retired and when in the morning, after I took my husband to work (get up at 06.00, prepare breakfast), I go back to bed, then I feel "pangs of conscience", and after this article I will be calm Thanks to the author! I earned a pension, having worked in the north for 30 years, thank God! And there 50 degrees frost, 9 months of winter, there was no spring at once summer, no autumn, just winter ... Excellent article! On the calendar winter, it's a pity that there is no snow. Today a little ...

  6. I do not agree. Movement should not be feared, movement can be treated quite specific diseases that are not treated with medications, such as hypertension, chronic bronchitis, arthrosis, etc.

    • Completely agree with you, the book does not correspond to reality, more accurately the statements in the book

    • Movements do not need to be afraid, we must be afraid of overloading

  7. Ever since my childhood I've made remarks about lazy people ... they are making progress, coming up with innovations that help them live ... they keep their health without risking in the mountains, on a bicycle or mountain rivers ... they work rationally, without applying unnecessary movements and efforts, because to remodel the bad I do not really want to work ... you want to do a job quickly and qualitatively, let it be done lazy ... he did sports only for pleasure, playing basketball and tennis ... and I feel fine that the doctors confirm ...

  8. Good evening to everyone! Accidentally stumbled upon an article (seduced the title). It is agreed completely, everything should be in moderation .. Sports. The assaults-violence over the body, stupidly lying on the couch days on the flight is even more harmful, better than normal charging nothing. In general, lazy (like me) I recommend a gypsy, a fantastic thing! And health corrects and energy is spent as it should.

  9. Author Respect and Respect !!! Clever! The article found by chance, now I will follow your site. I was delighted with the conclusions of Professor Peter Aksta. Recently I became a pensioner, I came to the conclusion that I was damned tired of the crazy rhythm of work and life, there was never time for reflection, inferences on the past life. Having become free, I have discovered a lot for myself. I'm happy that I'm not in a hurry anymore, I can not afford to do anything right now. HOORAY!!! I have the right to be lazy !!!

  10. I completely disagree with Professor Akst and his colleague, physiologist Rubner, "who in 1908 established that every living creature at birth is provided with a certain reserve of vital forces that must stretch for the rest of his life." He who used to spend earlier died earlier. " The body is not a purse with dollars: how much they gave - spent, no more. The organism is a living system. If the river stops, then it will die, turn into a swamp. The organs will serve longer if they are properly taken care of, and movements and reasonable physical training are absolutely necessary for every organ and for the body as a whole. They promote good blood circulation, regulation of the level of sugar and uric acid in the blood, hormones and endorphins, etc. And in vain the professor ignores modern discoveries, which were not suspected in 1908: the lifetime of cells is controlled by telomeres - the formation at the ends of chromosomes. When they decrease to a critical length, then the cell will die. And most rapidly telomeres decrease in those who are lazy (hypodynamia), eats, eats fatty foods and vitamins. So to be lazy, of course, sometimes it is, but not for long.

  11. Thanks to the author of the article for such a chic text. The sense of humor is excellent. While reading, I started laughing heartily. I think this will prolong my life, regardless of whether I'm marathoner or lazheboka.A generally, there should be a measure in everything.

  12. The author is full of delusions, for a living environment stagnation, inaction, statics, is equal to death, there is less to eat and more to move a direct path to health. With this logic, then a prolonged lying on the bed without movements - would improve health, but such lying will only lead to pressure sores and death. Surgeon who died in 89 is just a long-liver! Most of us will die to 65 working surgeons! Stand for 10 hours unbending know whether it is very harmful to health. So this is a very unfortunate example. However, no one argues that the constant overload in physical culture and sports is harmful. Certainly harmful. Include the Moscow gentlemen! Any excesses shorten the life. Who even argues that running for long distances is useful? This is extremely harmful! Useful daily easy jogging, so myocardium is a muscle! And what happens with the muscle when there is not enough exercise? Correctly. Dystrophy! So you cheto confused there in their fantasies. Try not to walk, do not use the eyes, and so on and you will understand that what is not used - simply dies. Life is basically a movement! only movement. Even rest is movement. If you understand.

    • "So this is a very unfortunate example"
      It was an irony))
      And the level of loads needs an individual for everyone, depending on the state of health.

    • The golden mean: everything is useful in moderation? Even poison? Doubts are also useful, they push to reflections (if there is time for them). But be ready for instant decisions, if you want to live. Words, words, words ... "And in the beginning was the word and word was with God and the word was God ..."
      "What is not used - dies" - look at the astronauts after flying into orbit, they learn to walk. "We are alive, because we are dying ..." Does everyone understand the meaning of this? It became clear yesterday (!), After reading I. Prokopenko's book The Mysteries of Immortality, in it the chaos of the most interesting facts pushing to reflection. You start to think better of yourself: you learned so much clever! Good luck to you, Surgeons. "The best operation is the one that is not done" Glory to Surgeon Uglov FG !!

  13. Thanks to the author for criticality of perception. However, it should be said that Akst performs in this case the role of the trolley and simply attracts attention. Therefore, you should immediately forget it, thanking you for reminding us of the need to monitor the maximum loads))) I recall that if we believe the collective work of our gerontologists (for example, "Medicine of anti-aging: the Fundamental Foundations"), then scientifically proven and experimentally confirmed, one means: reducing the caloric content of food to a certain limit, while maintaining its diversity, taking into account the age-related changes in the body, the amount of physical activity, and conditions of existence. But nothing will replace the quality of life, but it directly depends on the state of the body, and subjectively in many respects, from the state of muscle tissue. So get involved in the means of physical training available to you, get pleasure from it and you will be happy! Aliluya!)))))

  14. It is unequivocal that all this is not for "dear Russians". Living in such a country, we are not destined to be neither healthy nor happy, no matter how much we aspire to it. The environment, food and just the lifestyle itself here, will nullify any of your efforts and methods!

    • - To save money is a useful thing, especially if your parents did it for you. Quote Churchill, who had nothing to do in life except how to breed pigs, since everything has already been done for him by his parents.

  15. Why is everything about life expectancy soaring? You need to live quality, not long! If you bring benefit and you get pleasure from it, then you can live for a long time! Well, if your life is a nightmare, then do not live long! You're not an animal that does not understand why you live!

  16. But what about the fact that, for example, in Sweden, where it's cold all year round and practically still have an active sport lifestyle since early childhood, so many long-livers.?

  17. I'm 72 years old, I go to the 5th floor on foot, in the summer I'm swimming in the sea, I've never been engaged in sports, I've taught at the university, I always talk to young people on positive things. I think that genes play an important role ...

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