How do cell phones affect human health?

The Research Center for Bioelectromagnetic Impacts of the University Hospital in Aachen (Germany) has today accumulated the results of more than 10,000 controversial studies of the impact of mobile phones on human health, which we will cover in this article.

  • Since the end of May 2011 and the World Health Organization has recognized the radio frequency radiation of mobile intercoms as a potential carcinogen.
  • But then, since 2017, WHO's position on this issue has changed dramatically and radio-frequency radiation has been removed from the oncology risk list.

Radiofrequency radiation is no longer on the list of cancer risks. Why?

Repeatedly, WHO and the International Agency for the Study of Cancer have been subjected to severe pressure (even by the US Air Force) or lobbying for the interests of mobile phone manufacturers. Several major scandals are associated with these facts:

  • With Professor Anders Ahlbom - the head of experts at IARC, engaged in the preparation of materials on the carcinogenicity of radio-frequency emissions
  • Also proved in court was the fact that Canadian scientists (Moulder, Crevsky, Relacholi) wrote written articles on mobile communication security.

Meanwhile, countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium introduced rather strict restrictions on the standards of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. For Switzerland, the limit of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones is only one-tenth of the norms adopted for other countries by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

  • From 2000 to 2017, the main news on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health was published on the website of the Basel (Switzerland) public health institute Elmar.
  • Since 2017 these publications have not been renewed !!!
  • Currently, all the latest news from this area, including the conclusions of the expert group BERENIS are printed under the heading Electrosmog on the website of the Swiss Federal Environmental Society.
  • And that's all!

Approximate number of mobile communication users in the world - seven billion subscribers. Subscription fee, imposed services, annual updates of brand phone models - a multi-billion dollar business. Does someone else believe that mobile communication is recognized as the culprit of cancer?

The influence of electromagnetic radiation on the body

Electromagnetic radiation used for telephone communication in mobile devices does not have the properties of ionizing radiation, but:

  • Sluggishly starts the cascade of formation of free radicals and peroxidation, directly damaging our cells (see what are oxidants and antioxidants ).
  • Radiofrequency radiation can increase the local temperature of living tissues and provoke chromosomal aberrations of cells.

In general, all the effects of such radiation can be divided into thermal and non-thermal. The degree of their expression depends on the power of the radiation and the time of its action.

  • Thermal effects - a rise in body temperature, an increase in the number of heartbeats, a drop in the immune response, cataracts .
  • Not thermal effects are diverse today, but they have different degrees of evidence.

Effect on the human ear

As a rule, the head area is irradiated as much as possible by the mobile phone or smartphone. In this case, the impact on the ear, applied to the phone, and the surface areas adjacent to it are 100,000 times greater than the opposite ear or deep layers of the brain. In this case, often there is a noise in the ears, not severe headaches.

Influence on sleep

Interesting facts have been established by the group of BERENIS in the study of the year 2015 of the effects of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on human sleep. In the experiment, 20 healthy young men participated, who on encephalograms during sleep gave disturbances to the sleep rhythm of the cerebral cortex (see how quickly to fall asleep ).

Tumors of the brain

In the same year 2015, based on the data from the hospitals of New Zealand and Sweden, the relationship between the incidence of brain cancer and mobile telephony was established. There was an unprecedented growth of tumors of this localization in the last 20 years, in the absence of other reliable environmental factors as prerequisites for such cancer:

  • In Swedish hospitals, the number of patients increased by 4.5% from 2007 to 2017,
  • and mortality from CNS cancer by 23%.

Nevertheless, in conclusion, experts point to the inaccuracies of both this statistical study and the analogous one for 2010, referring to the increase in the average age of patients and the aging of the population, insufficiently correct coding and the possible recording of one patient in several groups, etc. And again they are inclined to the fact that there is no direct evidence of a link between brain cancer and mobile phones.

Influence on offspring

June 2015 was marked by a report that in an experiment on rats that had been exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation for 28 days, data were obtained on the violation of the permeability of the blood-brain barrier and the violation of spatial memory. The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from circulating toxins in the blood, microorganisms, immune defense factors and maintains the constancy of the CNS environment, protecting it. This is especially important at the stage of fetal development, when the fetal CNS is carefully protected from the food or medicinal preferences of the mother, part of her infections.

However, the Swiss did not find direct evidence of the effect of mobile phones on the fetus during pregnancy or the sex cells of parents before conception.

Although in 2014 the same group did not reject the effects of radiation with an absorption coefficient of 2W per kg. and higher for 24 hours for the development of the central nervous system in children and degenerative-dystrophic changes in nerve cells in mice.

For radiation of mobile phones, the threshold of influence is in the range SAR10 from 20 MW / kg and 2 W / kg. Under these conditions, a temporary or permanent change in the hereditary material of the cell and the expression of genes are possible.

And some more reports

The specific absorption coefficient for high-frequency electromagnetic radiation is safe at a level of 2 W / kg (according to the standards adopted in most countries). Most mobile phones and communication cells between towers in experiments on models seem to be consistent with this threshold. However, in September 2015 BERENIS published the experimental data, as a result of which, in reality, this threshold is exceeded in most cases.

The March 2016 BERENIS bulletin has evidence that high-frequency electromagnetic radiation doubles the number of spontaneous DNA mutations, although only at high exposures. In general, the bulletins of this society, since 2014, are increasingly related to low-frequency radiation, since high-frequency mobile communication devices somehow dropped out of the area of ​​interest of scientists (they did not even enter into the 2015 study of the appearance in the Netherlands of physical discomfort associated with electromagnetic emitters in everyday life). Small additions to the bulletins are the comments of the group of experts on their agreement with research proff. Michael Hässig about the POTENTIAL effect of mobile base stations on cow health.

In 2015, BERENIS refutes the teratogenic effect of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation on liver, lungs and blood vessels in mice proven by Tilman in 2010, but the potential risk of this type of radiation for genetic material is again recognized.

The main point on which to prove the harmlessness of the mobile intercoms of the latest models is that with the current reduction in the power of the phones (within 125 mW on average), a balance is achieved between their thermal impact on the subscriber's body and the dissipation of thermal energy into the external environment.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

, выражавшийся в: In 2012, the report of the Federal Office for Environmental Protection of Switzerland was published, in which the phenomenon of electromagnetic hypersensitivity was clearly described , expressed in:

  • reduced efficiency
  • irritability
  • nervousness and sleep disorders in people using mobile phones.

There is also another report, covering the period from 2002 to 2006. He dealt mainly with mobile phones and their effects on human and animal health. Most of the results relate to experiments on living people, that is, they are sufficiently reliable and as close to reality as possible. The report starts with the fact that although not all the effects of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation have been studied (except for thermal), the fact of having electromagnetically sensitive citizens is already indisputable and even if all the others are in order, this category of citizens suffers and has the full right to protect their interests. For 2004, in tiny Switzerland, those were about 5%.

The summary of this report is not so much a problem in mobile communication as in the exposure of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (frequency, intensity, duration, periodicity of impact).

Soldiers of the invisible front

Primitive scheme of mobile communication - two telephones and a number of towers.

The tower is an intermediate link. It receives a signal and itself emits it in continuous mode. It is connected to other towers and telephones. In the city or on the ground, the signal does not go through buildings or trees. All communication is carried out on the principle of line of sight. The more obstacles, the more towers you need. The tower emits a signal in the form of separate blades with a long main beam (for a long distance and several small ones for near ones.

A signal from the phone catches a tower. Further passes it to another tower and phone.

The phone has a signal receiver and a transmitter. The phone acts like a transceiver, but its power is many times lower than that of a tower. It allows users to talk to each other. The towers also connect different subscribers, who may be in different cities or countries. The phone emits a radio signal at the moments of the call of the subscriber, communication settings (maximum power) and during periods of active traffic (talk, SMS or mms). Outside of these moments, the "sleeping" phone sends only a short "beacon" signal to the nearest rig.


  • Harm from the tower is many times greater, but directly from the person it is further.
  • From the tower the body is irradiated approximately evenly.
  • The weak power of the phone emitter affects us, but not on the body, but directly in the head area.
  • That is, from the mobile we can hide behind a headset or a speakerphone, but from the tower to hide is much more problematic.

A little fiction

Some time ago, the equipment of mobile operators began to appear on the top floor of the hostels for students. Such things a simple person sees by chance, as something new, what a look stumbles upon. Something that was not there before. A sequence of thoughts immediately appears in the head:

  • Saved on the repeater tower
  • Do students know that just above the windows and right behind their wall is a powerful electromagnetic radiator.
  • What does the person who got the money look like after agreeing on the location of powerful repeaters at the bed head of young people, and what will they spend on?
  • Well, in conclusion, a visual series from the screen saver for the films Universl Pictures, where the light leaving the horizon of the sun fades, and the whole earth illuminates and encircles a massive gold belt in the form of the inscription Universal. Say, the power of money over the world of people who do not understand, he will understand ...

I have one acquaintance (not a paranoid) who, when a cell phone rings, turns on the speakerphone to keep the receiver away from the ear. In my opinion, the question, which did not sound aloud, explained:

  • "I would use a headset if I called on the cellular more often. But with two to four calls a day, there are enough precautionary measures. "
  • "Is it really that bad?" I asked.
  • "If you hold the tube near the ear, then I feel almost physical discomfort and later connect this fact with a slight headache, which prevents me from concentrating on anything other than myself."

The fear expressed can be attributed to the purely subjective evaluation of my friend on this issue, but there are also statistics that do not directly, but indirectly tell us a lot about electromagnetic radiation.

Power lines near housing and houses from radiation asbestos

For example, many therapists face such a phenomenon as a significant (at times) increase in the number of cancer patients in homes closest to the power lines (power lines). You've probably seen such high metal structures running along the avenues and resembling New Year trees in shape.

There are also similar foci of acute oncological morbidity, observed by district doctors - these are houses like and far from power lines, but they are united only by the date of construction and type of houses. Trying to answer this question for herself in order to find an explanation for the mass cases of cancer patients, she accidentally drew attention to the fact that in the late 1980s all the building mixtures containing European asbestos had been destroyed. Of course, we are talking about banning it on the territory of Europe, and not the USSR. In the explanation to the article it was said that the asbestos produced in Europe is several times more toxic than that produced in Russia. The last doubts were dispelled after talking with the patient, who is in the last stage of oncology. She, complaining of constant pain, said that she knew how it would all end, meaning her illness. Everyone who worked with me at the construction site died of cancer, and I can say a long-liver. Later we learned how harmful the plasters and other materials containing this toxic asbestos were.

So, I would advise you to choose a permanent place of residence to get acquainted with some talkative grandmother who has good relations with neighbors and bring a conversation to the one who lived and died from what. Or at least such a house, near which there are many old women, and even better than old people.

I think that then it will be possible to avoid a single diagnosis from all family members living together.

Disappearance of cockroaches

As for cockroaches, it is quite certain that the cause of their disappearance is not related to the presence of asbestos of any origin, but is related to electromagnetic radiation. Everyone remembers the abundance of cockroaches in the dining rooms, apartments of the mid-eighties. None of the cooks paid any attention to them and tried to make an apologetic face. Now cockroaches in the house or in places of a public catering - a rarity.

Similarity and difference in health effects of cell towers and power lines

Comparison of the effect of power lines and panel antennas of cellular operators is appropriate from the point of view of the nature of phenomena - electromagnetic radiation.

  • In the case of power lines, we are talking about an industrial frequency of 50 hertz (50 oscillations per second) and the impact on a person depends in the simplest case on two factors, this distance and the average transmitted power.
  • Cellular operators use a much higher carrier frequency, but this does not negate the harmful effects on the human body.

The fact is that the human nervous system has an electrochemical nature. The electromagnetic field excites an electric current in the zone of its action. The stronger the field, the stronger the electric current.

It is on this principle that an electromagnetic weapon is based, designed to disable electronic devices of the enemy in the zone of its operation. Of course, it is mainly about the generation of disturbances that lead to a malfunction of the software and the reset of microprocessor systems, but in some cases - at the epicenter of the action, the electronic stuffing will be destroyed irrevocably.

Similarly, an extraneous factor interferes with the work of the human nervous system. And how such an impact will affect health and health can only be guessed. Most often we are talking about:

We know that all organs are controlled and exchange information with the help of the nervous system. It is logical to assume that tachycardia , and the downtrodden rhythm can also be a consequence of external electromagnetic interference. As for studies, they are about the impact of power lines and the connection with oncology has been established with prolonged exposure.

What to do

If you really try to answer qualitatively two main questions: "who is to blame and what to do?", Then we better go directly to the second part:

  • Firstly, if you have a dacha, then if possible, love it, if it has not been done so far.
  • Secondly, if you live in a village, then reconsider your plans and dreams of moving to the city. As it was in the good old days, the medal has two sides, and it remains so far. Если технический прогресс несёт положительных моменты, то следовательно, он принёс не меньше половины негативные факторов.
  • Для минимизации влияния сотового телефона на здоровье разговаривайте только по громкой связи или через гарнитуру.
  • Обращайте внимание на вышки операторов сотовой связи поблизости при выборе жилья, не покупайте такую недвижимость.

One comment

  1. I, as a specialist in biolocation (I have been engaged for more than 30 years) have been periodically studying pathogenic effects of various factors, both geopathogenic and technogenic. Confidently, in rare, isolated cases, geopathic zones (GEAs) destroy health very quickly, which leads to early, it would seem, causeless deaths: oncology and suicide sets .. Influence of EMF of household appliances, computers, cell phones, various gadgets, TV and communications repeaters, power lines and other achievements of civilization, most often does not have such a "kill", but working on a much larger number of people and NOT consciously using them, harming health at times MORE! For example, the disappearance of cockroaches, a sharp decline in birds in cities and villages. So think People: live or ...!

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