How to lower cholesterol without drugs

Everyone knows that cholesterol promotes the formation of cholesterol plaques in the walls of blood vessels, which are dangerous because they create favorable conditions for thrombus formation as a result of their cracking. That is, in the place where a lot of cholesterol has settled, a plaque forms, which gradually narrows the lumen of the vessel, and when cracked, promotes the formation of a thrombus in this place. The formed thrombus can burst, which leads to such vascular catastrophes as:

  • myocardial infarction
  • stroke
  • pulmonary embolism
  • sudden coronary death.

Studies of specialists indicate that in countries where the population has an average high cholesterol, there is a higher incidence of various cardiovascular diseases. However, not everything is so unambiguously and categorically "blaming" this one for the elevated level of cholesterol alone.

In an effort to reduce its level in the blood, do not forget that it forms cell membranes, the walls of the vessel, and "patches" the defects of the vascular wall, and 90% of it accumulates in the tissues. And if its level is low, any vascular defect can lead to the same hemorrhagic stroke or the same heart attack (see the norm of bad and good cholesterol in the blood ).

For normal life of the body, for growth and maintenance in the tone of muscle mass, low-density fat cells (bad cholesterol) are needed, with deficiency of which there is weakness, swelling, muscle pain (myalgia), muscular dystrophy. Low cholesterol increases the risk of developing anemia, diseases of the nervous system, liver, and even suicide and early death.

Thus, the time when cholesterol reduced everything to everyone, has passed. After scandalous exposures of the English medical journal of firms producing cholesterol-lowering statins and supporting their researchers, even cardiologists are wary of cardinal fall of cholesterol in the blood and body (see statins are dangerous for health ).

Therefore, dietary measures to reduce cholesterol should be prescribed by a doctor under strict indications. To overdo it in this area is also bad, just like not controlling.

To monitor the level of cholesterol is necessary, especially for people with excess weight, with heart disease, hypertension, men and women after 40 years. Maintain a normal level of lipids with diet and active lifestyle. And if the level is already increased, how to lower cholesterol without drugs? What foods reduce cholesterol in the blood?

Methods for reducing blood cholesterol without drugs

The use of products that reduce cholesterol in the daily diet is certainly the main among all possible options to combat high levels of lipids. Now we will talk about other, no less important ways to reduce cholesterol without drugs.

Not many people know that a low level of good, "useful" cholesterol, plays a crucial role in the development of atherosclerosis, the obstruction of blood vessels, because this kind of cholesterol fights with the formation of notorious plaques. Therefore, a decrease in its level in combination with increased "bad" cholesterol is the most dangerous combination that increases the risk of atherosclerosis and CVD.

Raise the level of "good" cholesterol and reduce the "bad" can be through exercise

Famous cardiologists all over the world claim that exercise reduces the accumulation of cholesterol blocks in the arteries:

  • Physical exercises are able to purify the blood from excessive intake of fat with food. If the lipids can not stay in the vessels for a long time, they have no chance of settling on their walls. Moreover, it is running that promotes a rapid reduction in the arteries of the level of fat obtained from food. According to experts, runners are 70% faster and better able to get rid of fats in the vessels than people who are just doing physical exercises.
  • Even if you just keep the body, muscle mass toned with physical labor in the fresh air at the cottage, with gymnastics, bodyflex, dances and just long walks in the park zone - it gives a positive mood, a feeling of joy, happiness, and increases emotional, and muscular tone. What has only a positive effect on the state of the vessels.
  • For the elderly or, already suffering from various diseases of blood vessels and heart, a daily 40 minute moderate walk reduces by 50% the risk of death from a stroke or heart attack. However, in elderly people, when walking, the pulse should not increase from usual more than 15 beats per minute (see also pain in the region of the heart ). In everything, one should observe the measure and excessive loads can worsen the condition and reduce the production of useful cholesterol.

If the fat deposits of a woman or a man are concentrated in the waist area and the body resembles an apple, and not a pear, it is a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus, angina pectoris, hypertension and atherosclerosis. The maximum permissible waist in a man is 94 cm, in a woman 84 cm, the ratio of the circumference of the thighs to the waist is also important, in a woman it is no more than 0.8, for a man 0.95. Exceeding these figures is the reason for the beginning of the fight against overweight.

Alcohol in moderate doses, good green tea, juice therapy and smoking cessation

  • We will not talk much about the dangers of smoking

This is an obvious reason for the deterioration in quality, life expectancy in both women and men. Everyone knows that this harmful habit affects the whole body, there is no such organ that would not be exposed to harmful effects of tobacco smoking - it's the brain, kidneys, liver and bladder, blood vessels and sex glands. In addition to increasing the risk of developing atherosclerosis, smoking actively helps to grow cancer cells in the body. In addition, modern cigarettes contain a minimum of tobacco and a maximum of other harmful substances, carcinogens (see the video of what modern cigarettes are made of ).

You need to know! In tobacco smoke there is a sufficient amount of tobacco tar, which consists of substances that cause cancer in humans and animals. It is enough to smear the ear of a rabbit with such tar several times, and the animal later develops a cancerous tumor.

  • Alcohol

With alcohol, the situation is slightly different, it is natural that excessive use of it destroys the entire body, and the pancreas, and the liver, and the cardiovascular system. As for the periodic use of 50 gr. strong quality alcohol or a glass of red dry wine - for the growth of good cholesterol and reduce harmful - this is a controversial opinion. There are both supporters of this method of reducing cholesterol (the main condition is - no more than 50 grams of strong and 200 grams of weak alcoholic beverage), and its opponents.

So, for example, the Association of Cardiology in the US does not recommend anyone to use wine and spirits as a beverage - a product that reduces cholesterol in the blood. Categorically excluded is a method of controlling cholesterol for people with hypertension, diabetes or other diseases, in which drinking is not permissible.

  • Green tea

Excluding coffee and replacing it with quality non-strong green tea, you can reduce cholesterol by 15% (but not packaged, see the harm of tea in bags ). Flavonoids that are contained in green tea contribute to the strengthening of capillaries, and the daily moderate consumption of quality tea also reduces the amount of harmful lipids and increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood.

  • Soterapiya

This is one of the methods to reduce cholesterol without drugs. Randomly, nutritionists discovered an amazing property of juice therapy to reduce cholesterol. Having developed a course of fighting cellulite , they found the ability of such treatment to reduce the amount of fat in the blood. For 5 days of intake of vegetable and fruit juices you can reduce cholesterol without drugs, naturally the juice should be freshly squeezed (see the harm of store juice ):

  • 1 day: celery juice 70 gr. + carrot juice 130 g.
  • Day 2: Beet juice 70 g. + carrot juice - 100 g + cucumber juice 70gr. Beet juice can not be consumed immediately after pressing, it should be kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, so that harmful substances will escape from it.
  • Day 3: apple juice 70 g. + celery juice 70 gr. + carrot juice 130 g.
  • Day 4: cabbage juice 50 g. + carrot juice 130 g.
  • Day 5: Orange juice 130 g.

Some folk remedies in the fight against cholesterol

There are countless different national recipes that cleanse the walls of arteries that positively influence the general state of human health, but not all methods of traditional medicine are suitable for everyone, since many people can have increased individual sensitivity, possible allergic reactions to certain medicinal herbs or foods. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the measure and caution in any treatment, even in popular, proven ways:

  • : семена укропа 0,5 стакан, корень валерианы 1 ст. You will need : dill seeds 0,5 glass, valerian root 1 tbsp. spoon, 1 cup of honey. Shredded root, dill and honey should be well mixed. Then add 1 liter of boiling water to the mixture, allow to stand for 24 hours. The received infusion to keep in a refrigerator and to use on 1 item. spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
  • : оливковое масло 2 стакана, зубчики чеснока 10 шт. You will need : olive oil 2 cups, cloves garlic 10 pcs. This is a fairly simple way to create garlic oil, which can be used for any dish, like seasoning to salads and other products. You just need to peel the garlic, squeeze it through the garlic press (garlic crock) and insist on olive oil for a week - excellent garlic butter that reduces cholesterol without drugs, on your table.
  • : 350 г чеснока, 200 гр. You will need : 350 grams of garlic, 200 g. alcohol. This is enough to make garlic tincture, this amount of garlic is better chopped in a meat grinder and pour a glass of alcohol or vodka, let it brew in a dark place for 10 days. Use this odorous product gradually, starting with 2 drops, bringing up to 15-20 drops for a week, 3 times a day before meals, better diluting the tincture with milk. Then also finish the reception with 20 drops to 2 within the next week. This method should not be repeated often, only once in 3 years.

What foods reduce cholesterol in the blood

  • Avocado

Among the fruits is the richest fruit for the presence of phytosterols, in 100 grams of this product contains 76 mg. beta-sitosterol. That is, if you eat 7 tablespoons or half of avocados per day for 21 days - it reduces the level of triglycerides, total cholesterol by 8% and increases the amount of useful HDL cholesterol by 15%.

The following plant foods are also rich in phytosterols - plant sterols, which control lower cholesterol in the blood. The use of these products, for example, 60 grams of almonds daily increases the useful cholesterol by 6%, and reduces the harmful by 7%.

Product name The amount of phytosterol per 100 grams

Как снизить холестерин без лекарств

Wheat germ 400 mg
Bran brown rice 400 mg
Sesame seeds 400 mg
Sunflower seeds 300 mg
Pistachios 300 mg
Pumpkin seeds 265 mg
Pine nuts 200 mg
Flax-seed 200 mg
Almond 200 mg
Olive oil 150 mg
Avocado 76 mg
  • Olive oil

In one tablespoon contains 22 mg of phytosterols, which positively affects the ratio of cholesterol in the blood. You can also use olive oil as a substitute for saturated fats, while reducing the amount of bad cholesterol by 18%. The ability to reduce inflammation and relaxation of the endothelium on the walls of the arteries is unrefined olive oil (see olive oil - benefit and harm ), and if possible, it is better to use it.

  • Wild salmon and sardines - cod liver oil

This is the record for the content of Omega 3 - very useful fatty acids, in addition, sardines and wild salmon, in contrast to other marine fish, contain the least amount of mercury. In red salmon - sockeye, a lot of astaxanthin, this is a powerful antioxidant, but unfortunately sockeye salmon practically does not lend itself to breeding in fish farms. The American Association for the Study of CVD strongly recommends regular consumption of fish oil, a natural statin, for reducing cholesterol, since the omega-3 contained therein regulates the production of lipids.

It should be borne in mind that the use of any fried fish negates all of its useful properties, as all useful substances are destroyed. So it is better to use it in a boiled or baked form, we generally will not talk about cooking in a microwave oven, everyone knows about the dangers of any food exposed to microwaves.

  • Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries, chokeberry, pomegranate, red grapes

They contain polyphenols, which also stimulate the production of useful cholesterol in the blood of HDL. If you consume 150 grams of any of these berries in the form of puree, juice - nectar for 2 months, good cholesterol can increase by 5%. The champion among these berries is cranberry juice, a month after daily consumption of a small amount of juice per day, the level of useful cholesterol is increased by 10%, it also contains a lot of antioxidants, which also contribute to the purification of the body and prevent the development of malignant tumors. The use of juices can be combined: blueberry + grape, pomegranate + cranberry.

All fruits of purple, blue, red contain polyphenols, stimulating the production of useful cholesterol.

  • Oat flakes and whole grains

This is a healthy way to lower cholesterol. If you overcome the old habit, for example, breakfast with sandwiches, but smoothly switch to morning oat flakes, and also eat foods containing whole grains (rye, wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet), the abundance of cellulose will positively affect not only the level of cholesterol, but also on the state of the gastrointestinal tract and the whole organism as a whole.

  • Flax seeds

It can also be called a strong natural statin, as the flax seed contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help normalize cholesterol levels.

  • Polycananol

The source of this substance is sugar cane. It is produced as a dietary supplements in capsules, it prevents the formation of blood clots, reducing the level of LDL, regulating blood pressure, also contributes to weight loss in obesity.

  • Beans and soy products

They reduce cholesterol in the blood due to the abundant content of soluble fiber in them, in addition, the protein content, these products can replace red meat, harmful to the heart and blood vessels. You can eat products from fermented soy - Tempe, miso, tofu.

  • Garlic

This is a powerful natural statin, garlic slows the production of low density lipoproteins, but to feel the effect, it should be consumed for a sufficiently long time at least a month or even 3 months. The disadvantage of this product is that not everyone can use sharp spices (with gastritis, ulcers, etc. gastrointestinal diseases, garlic is contraindicated).

  • Red fermented rice

In Asian cuisine, the extract of red fermented rice used to be used as a flavor and color. It was then found that monacoline K (a byproduct of fermentation) reduces the level of triglycerides, but now the sale of this natural statin is prohibited in some countries.

  • White cabbage

For Russians, this is the most affordable and simple product that is always in the house. Among other vegetables that can reduce cholesterol and remove it from the body, it leads. And, its use is useful in any form - and sour, and stewed, and fresh - it should be in the diet of a person who wants to lower cholesterol, at least 100 grams daily.

  • Commisson of mucus and yellow-root Canadian (curcumin)

The comma muffle is an Arab myrtle or a guggul, the plant contains a sufficient amount of a healing resin that reduces cholesterol. Sell ​​komiforu in capsules or tablets. Curcumin (yellow-root Canadian) also effectively reduces cholesterol.

  • Greenery in any form

Artichoke, spinach, lettuce, parsley, dill, onion - leafy vegetables, greens, are rich in lutein, food fibers, carotenoids, which lower cholesterol of low density and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

  • Replace plain white bread, rolls and cookies with oatmeal cookies, bread with bran, coarse grind, whole grain crackers.
  • Grape seed oil and rice bran also improve the correct ratio of bad and good cholesterol.
  • Sea-buckthorn, apricots, dried apricots, prunes, carrots, onions and garlic are also very affordable products for every Russian, reducing cholesterol.
  • Red grapes, red wine, peanuts - contain resveratrol, which also contributes to improving good and lowering bad cholesterol.

Menu with products that lower cholesterol


  • Овсяные хлопья, или отварной коричневый рис, или любая злаковая каша с оливковым маслом, омлет из яичных белков
  • Ячменный кофе, цикорий с молоком, зеленый чай, можно с медом.
  • Хлеб цельнозерновой с отрубями, овсяное печенье

Ланч: Яблоко, любые фрукты, ягоды, отвар шиповника, крекеры из цельного зерна


  • Вегетарианский овощной суп — морковь, горошек, картошка, лук, стручковая фасоль, кукуруза
  • Рыба запеченная или отварная с любым овощным салатом
  • Морковный, гранатовый, клюквенный сок — любой фруктовый или овощной свежевыжатый сок
  • Хлеб цельнозерновой пшеничный

Полдник: фрукты 2 шт, или салат из моркови с оливковым маслом


  • Пюре картофельное с постной говядиной отварной
  • Нежирный творог
  • Зеленый чай, можно с медом или молоком
  • Постное печенье типа «Мария»

Перед сном: Кефир или простокваша


  1. My doctor diagnosed tachybradikardia, paroxysm of atrial flutter with rhythm disturbance, hypertensive disease of grade lll, risk 4, after myocardial infarction 7 years ago.It is necessary to have surgery or you can just be treated with folk remedies or tablets.

    • Looking at your age, if you are for a sorokovnik, you need ... Otherwise, at any moment you will fall and remember how they called. No one will help you on the street, they will think that they are drunk. We have a lot of people with the soul, only there are a lot of heroes' forums. Recover and do not get sick)) Good luck .. (Yes, consult several clinics)

  2. Thank you very much for your knowledge! I did not know that there was so much "useful" cholesterol around us! Be sure to review the family ration. I am especially worried about children, they are hungry for food, but I think if you add more fruits, berries and raw vegetables, they will only be happy!

    • Yana, you have a little misunderstood, useful cholesterol is produced by the body itself, it can not be obtained with food, only 20-30% of bad food comes from food, and the rest is produced by the body. But it is possible by changing the diet (adding phytosterols, polyphenols), physical activity, try to reduce the level of bad and stimulate the development of good.

  3. My cholesterol level is 1.5 times higher than normal. I'm 38 years old, my blood pressure is 80 to 65. Is this normal? Do I have to drink statins? Cholesterol measured for 6 months 3 times. With all that, my diet consists of low-fat food and my weight is 73 kg. Height of 167 cm.

    • Statin Drink - only as a last resort: high figures of blood pressure with a high degree of risk. They "beat" heavily on the liver. The indices of blood pressure in this case are not informative. Atherosclerosis is a "silent" disease and does not show itself for a long time. You need to take for the rule: walk every day, give good physical activity and change the diet. When the blood pressure increases, it will be a little late. Someone used to say: "It's too late to drink Borjomi when the kidneys have sat down." Good luck to you!

  4. Cholesterol was 2 times higher than normal, triglycerides in 3 !!!, while eating from your point of view correctly. removed from the diet all porridge side dishes fruit juice sweet root vegetables, limited vegetables. I eat eggs with bacon, lard butter a lot, no fat-free foods, any fat meat, fish-in a month !!! everything came back to normal. lost weight (10kg), the reason a simple liver turns carbohydrates into fat, which is deposited under the skin and rises in blood (simplified), remove the carbohydrates and will be healthy

    • read Dmitri's comment and remembered her relative. She always in the fridge had meat (pork) smoked, bacon, etc. Kashi did not eat, because she did not like. Unfortunately she has not been with us for 2 years, and she was only 93 years old.

  5. Maybe your weight has decreased, because You had a protein diet, but you can ruin your health. I'm shocked by such a diet !! Come to your senses !!! Even the vegetables are limited. Vegetables can eat at least a ton and nothing bad will come of it.

    • Nifiga like that!
      Carbohydrates in the amounts suggested in the article can be detrimental to the digestive tract and pancreas. The protein diet has not harmed anyone yet, but cabbage and potato ... are in doubt. Yes, and from the porridge will not be ridiculous.

  6. Well you guys ... something from the extreme to the extreme ....! And vegetables, fruit, tons do not need to eat - the volume of the stomach will be stretched .... And, about eggs ... fat, meat .... in general, you need to eat everything, but in it-knife-ku ...! And do not overeat ...! Do not mix fat and carbohydrates ... Given the physiological individuality of each ...

  7. I am quite a slender girl, I grow 176 cm, weight 63 kg, I eat right, do not eat dairy products, greens and fruits in the diet every day, meat is not fat, I do not smoke, alcohol in moderation, once a year I go to the liver for a specialized clinic, chronic diseases do not suffer, with the overall excellent state of cholesterol elevated, not much, but vse-zhe.Uzhe start thinking that you need to eat everything and then everything will return to normal!

  8. Height 165 cm, weight 70 kg I eat mostly porridge, vegetables, fruits, but cholesterol 7.6 have written Rosacard for three months to drink even scary from side effects

  9. This is all nonsense, if a person has metabolic disorders, then no diets and "useful" foods will help. A year ago, I had a total cholesterol level of 6.0, low density - 4.1, triglycerides - 2.5. I took a diet, gave up smoking (I did not drink at all), ruled out everything that was fatty, fried and harmful, sat on porridge on the water, vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat and sour milk. Ate for a year a bunch of avocados, garlic, cabbage, carrots, apples, olive and liannoy oil and other useful products. I already forgot the taste of butter and sausage. And here is the result of a blood test that I received a week ago: total cholesterol - 6.2, low density - 4.1, triglycerides - 3.6. Here also draw conclusions. It's a shame to see such a result after such diligence and deprivation in nutrition ...

    • Vlad, it's hard to believe you, because only the elimination of one butter already gives a good result. And the proposed diet to reduce cholesterol helps everyone. My bad cholesterol before the diet was 15! Only the diet reduced it to 9. And then, to bring the indicators to normal, I drank statins. Now cholesterol is 5.5. This is with the existing family hypercholesterolemia (abbreviated SG) - this is a genetic disease. There are complex cases in which cholesterol is difficult to reduce. I recommend doing an analysis on the SG.

    • I have the same problem. Proper nutrition, swimming pool, gymnastics, walking for 40 minutes. A cholesterol again off scale. Weight is just worth it

    • Yeah. I'm also sorry for you. A whole year of great work !!! I also have "incorrect" cholesterol, and general and high and low density, and the like. Six months of drinking statins - zero result. Now I want to form for myself a course of treatment with folk remedies ... God grant me patience !!!
      PS Already more than ten years there is no in a refrigerator of a butter, sausages, meat and fish smoked products, and there is only a useful food, yoga. STRESSES (once tested also) can be the cause of metabolic disturbance.

    • I believe. Many friends have the same story.
      I know, everyone who ate everything and drinks everything is healthy.
      Probably, you need to listen to your body more closely. He will say what he wants to eat, that is, without abuse, of course. The main thing is not to overeat.

  10. Diet should be varied and contain both useful and "harmful" products. All should be in moderation and exclude a particular product is inappropriate. Receiving not quite useful product, the body reacts to it as an irritant and produces certain enzymes and antibodies, which in the future also help the limitation to combat external and internal factors, and thus it functions correctly. Eating only the "right" food, you not only do not help restricting, but softly say "relax" it and in the future it is fraught with inadequate alopathy, and inability of the body to respond to external stimuli, and a low immune system as a whole. Eat right and remember, everything should be in moderation! Be healthy!

  11. Someone succeeds with the help of a diet to correct biochemical blood indices, in particular cholesterol., But very rarely. In the case of cholesterol, it is necessary to treat the liver. Very carefully examine the liver, and ultrasound and CT and all the liver tests and tests for hepatitis-something will come out of it.

    • I agree completely with Lara. I got fatty liver hepatosis in New York. They say every second person. Hence the high cholesterol, but they prescribed statins. I do not drink, my friend in my hometown Chelyabinsk planted a liver with statins. They should be drunk for life, otherwise indicators return in a week. Closed circle-cholesterol-statin-liver

  12. You guys all say differently about me, too, the total cholesterol is high 386mg / dl at the rate of 130-199mg / dl and triglycerides are twice the norm, while all these indicators rose after a three-month diet and treatment. Now I do not know what to do and how to listen to a doctor or spit on everything and eat as necessary in measure, I was diagnosed with amyloidosis AA podkazhite please who faced this problem, as well as what you can o.blegchit his pain. The doctors said that this is an incurable disease. advise please.

    • Read about adequate nutrition. Such books as "live food or why cows are predators" "Chinese study" and in particular study the work of Academician Ugonev. Learn a lot about how our body affects what we eat.

    • take tests in several clinics. I have a case in my polyclinic, and in two others another. Also with urine. Hammered by our doctors

  13. My cholesterol level was on the verge of normal and elevated, recommended a low-fat diet, but I am against restrictions in food for myself, with an increase of 164 cm weight of 58 kg. Began to take fish oil, a month later, cholesterol decreased by one.

  14. Friends, please read carefully, 80% of cholesterol is produced by the body. Food should contain cholesterol, otherwise it will be bad to digest!
    The cholesterol that is produced by the body depends on how a person likes to take risks, get angry, take alcohol and other stimulants.
    I realized this late, went through all the nonsense that doctors advertise, cholesterol was 7.9, now it started to decline, it became 7.6.
    The most correct is a quiet life among your beloved people, animals, preferably in the countryside or in the countryside. Favorite dogs are a very good way to improve health!

  15. I agree with Dmitry. To reduce cholesterol and generally get rid of many sores it is enough to remove the porridge, flour and sugar from the diet. Even honey and sweet fruit should be limited. Leave the vegetables are not starchy and preferably raw and moderately fatty meat. Well, nuts for a bit. In the subcutaneous fat and cholesterol go carbohydrates, and not eaten fats.
    Judge for yourself. Very many clenched teeth observe a diet-pawns on the water, potatoes with lean chicken breast, fruits, but cholesterol, if lower, then only a little. But if you reduce carbohydrates significantly, and even dairy products clean, then cholesterol will quickly come back to normal.
    Interested - look at the subject of paleodietitis and low carbohydrate diet. You can not eat only proteins, of course. But here is protein (meat fish eggs) plus not starchy vegetables - this is our healthiest food. About me-36 years old, cholesterol 5.5. All good)

  16. There are reliable historical facts that cast doubt on the modern concept of the causes of atherosclerosis in relation to nutrition. At the end of the Great Patriotic War, it was found that almost all prisoners released from concentration camps had atherosclerosis. As they were eating there, I do not need to explain to anyone, I think. But people were in a state of constant chronic severe stress. And this factor was the cause of atherosclerosis. At the present time, society is also clamped in the grip of stress - and a way of life, and a general situation. The number of patients is growing catastrophically. As for nutrition, I tend to agree with Dmitry and Vlad. You can eat rabbits on food as much as you want, it does not lead to anything good. I advise you to get acquainted with the recommendations on nutrition of Dr. Naumov, who in practice implements the principles of nutrition of academician B. Bolotov, and with the help of them heals serious diseases quite quickly. Here he just recommends protein food, fat, bitterness. And vegetables should be prepared according to a special method. It really helps to lower cholesterol, tested for yourself. There it is not so difficult to organize food, in addition it is delicious. But there are nuances - it is possible to read it in his two books, I recently acquired the second one, I read with interest, I would have enough desire and patience to balance without extremes only.
    I wish you all good health.

  17. Good afternoon,
    I have a question for the originator of the article-juice therapy involves the use of only juices or along with juices can and eat? If only juices, how many times and how much per day should I drink? If you drink juices along with the usual diet, juices before, during, after meals, how many times a day (only in the morning or in the afternoon, on an empty stomach or as?).

    In advance thanks for the answer.

    • Drink juices in the morning on an empty stomach, for 30 minutes dr. I read it from another source.

  18. I do not know ... Here you will not guess ... All individually, I think depends on the blood group, place of residence and the state of the nervous system.
    To me of 30 years, already for the second time for 2 years analyzes show 399 cholesterin at norm or rate up to 150. I very seldom eat sugar and flour (can be time in 2 weeks), butter I can eat once a month, I try to eat greens, fruit and vegetables. But, of course, I stress at work and I love salty, spicy and fried))) you have to limit yourself more of this of course and still need a lot of money for "useful" food, pumpkin oil costs 400 r, olive 500, avocado 1 pc. OK. 100 p, and a total of 15,000

  19. in the hospital brought a homeless person with a stroke, all in scabs, lice, gangrene, examined-vessels like a baby-draw conclusions

    • Well, yes, baby. A stroke from where? Only the condition of the vessels provokes a stroke. The old story, do not believe every fake. Do not eat it until you lose it and it's horrible and you will be happy and have normal cholesterol.

  20. it is necessary to take into account age, especially women (in the menopause all changes begin with metabolic processes - there are no hormones, although zaveshsya grass) need a complex therapy: physical activity, HRT, and only then nutrition.

  21. I was at the doctor, cholesterol 9, she wanted to put me in the hospital, and I tell her I will not go to bed, write out medications. And she says, no drugs, go on a diet, and I to her, and what you can eat, she gave me a list products and said to eat more mackerel. Cholesterol lowered to 5.5

  22. Very interesting experience (at the expense of mackerel!) .... In what form was the fish used? What was added to the mackerel? ... Many, most likely, .. are disappointed if the garnish for mackerel has been chosen to run a kilometer. 3 .., and maybe vice versa, - the love for mackerel is able to increase physical activity ..)) ..

  23. Yes, after carefully reading all the comments, optimistici singled out the consumption offer of Mackerel)), and so, it somehow became scary (((... there comes a period in life: you get a bunch of sores and, left alone with the Internet and medical terms, try learn more ... you bring new information to the attending physician, and he dismisses ... they do not like patients * with knowledge *)))

  24. I lowered almost the norm, sugar and cholesterol, eating every morning for breakfast:
    1 tablespoon oatmeal,
    1 dessert spoon of flax flour,
    2 tablespoons chian seeds (chia)
    All pour boiling water, insist for 15 minutes and the porridge is ready, you can add a banana or other fruit for taste or dried fruit, nuts. CHECKED BY YOURSELF.

  25. My opinion is yes, there are recommended foods, yes, there are recommendations for a way of life. But, each organism has its own characteristics - in a state of health, ability to metabolism, etc. Therefore, you need to try everything and learn to observe the body and feel, hear it. Thus, choose for yourself what will work to improve health in general. I'm currently trying to work with breathing. Buteyko made a very important discovery in his time. Now different methods are developed on this, but the essence is one. All good luck and health!

  26. The total cholesterol was 9.3, after a month of receiving atorvastatin, it decreased to 8.6. The use of statins was discontinued, the milk thistle in capsules was drunk for two months with a break, the result was 6.99-total, Bp-1.65, Hp-6.28 . I do not know whether it is worth taking statins if the damage from them is greater than the benefits and if in the diagnosis of CT a fatty liver hepatosis is so bad from statins.

  27. People, study the recommendations for the reception of flax seed. First, it should be freshly ground, only from a coffee grinder-simply put. Secondly, somehow it loads the kidneys. I do not remember exactly . I studied, I forgot, I switched exclusively to linseed oil - from the seed of flax. It is sold in health food stores. It is located exclusively in the refrigerator. It is important for him to comply with the temperature regime. Cold pressed oil * Warm press *.

  28. every 2 years I go through the medical commission.3medkomissii consecutive cholesterol above 8.spravili to the family therapist. дала памятку с диетой и назначила розастатин20мг.принимала полгода.насколько снизился незнаю.следующая проверка через год на медкомиссии .раз в полгода пишут рецепт на 6 пачек.дала узи печени.результат гемангиомы и кисты и звезчатые зоны еще чегота.плохо понимаю по литовски.живу в литве.не курю не пью.работаю дворником.по 10 часов в день кидаю снег.бросила статины.мне57 и до пенсии еще 7лет.как выжить.

  29. 27.03.2017 Николай Носков был госпитализирован с инсультом. Вегетарианец (ел рыбу), живет за городом, компанию составляет овчарка. Утренняя гимнастика, дыхательные упражнения пранаяма (из йоги), не пьет, бросил курить, т.е. все признаки здорового образа жизни, рекомендованные здесь. Тромб в шейном отделе позвоночника. У меня кальцированная бляшка в сонной артерии 60%. Нейрохирург рекомендовал операцию при 70%. Живу не в Москве, молодым врачам не доверяю. Согласна с утверждением, что здоровье закладывается в семье — философское отношение к жизни, воздержания в пище, согласие с людьми и природой.

  30. В феврале сдала анализы крови на сахар и холестерин. Оба были выше нормы: 6.40 и 7.85 соответственно. И через недельку начался пост… Грешна, подсолнечное масло все же использую при приготовлении, рыбу тоже раза три ела, а, и кофе пью с молоком. Сегодня сдала повторно анализы, сахар 5.69 и холестерин 6.8. Вывод напрашивается сам.

  31. Мне давно прописывают статины,не пью,каждый год езжу в санатории Кавказа ,после их мин.воды холестерин снижается до 5.6 практически норма,много там хожу ,ну и еда не такая как дома.Вес 59 при росте 162. Недавно сдала кровь хол-н 5.8…меня это порадовало, это ведь не 8 ,как раньше,перед поездкой,за год повысился на немного,в июне еду снова на водопой.Мне это реально помогает .

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