How to properly cleanse the body of toxins and "slag" without harm to health

Our body is constantly exposed to the negative effects of the environment, nutrition, medicines and other things that leave a mark not only on the appearance, but also clogs the body with toxic products. Therefore, internal organs, tissues and structures need to be cleaned no less than the external organ - the skin.

This function is performed by the body perfectly, except for cases when any organ of the digestive tract or urinary system can not fully work. That's when the body cleansing is carried out for medical reasons, in all other cases - solely on the initiative of a person.

The concept of toxins and so-called "slag"

понимают любой биологический яд. Under the toxin is understood any biological poison. It can be toxins of microbes, fungi, helminths, plants or marine invertebrates. Among the human tissues, toxins produce malignant tumors. So determines the toxins of clinical toxicology. In practical terms, a toxin is understood as any chemical substance that, when ingested, causes its structural and functional breakdown or leads to death.

The classification of toxins thus includes:

  • pesticides used in agriculture, in industry
  • medicines
  • household chemicals
  • biological poisons (toxins proper)
  • chemical warfare agents.

There are toxins mainly through the digestive tract, skin and breathing. Accumulate, practically in all organs and tissues, showing a certain selectivity (for example, fluoride settles in the bones, enamel of teeth, liver, spleen, kidneys, thyroid gland).

Toxins should be attributed to poisonous substances. The organism displays them in three ways:

  • kidneys
  • GIT
  • lungs
  • some toxins are excreted with sweat, tears or milk.

The problem is that the rate of excretion can not keep up with the rate of absorption of substances and their distribution in tissues (for example, fluoride is excreted through the liver for six months). Then they have to fight with detoxication therapy:

  • — часть программы включает введение антидотов к определенным видам ядов. Specific detoxification - part of the program includes the introduction of antidotes to certain types of poisons.
  • — может производится как в стационаре (отравления средней и тяжелой степени), так может быть проведена в домашних условиях при нетяжелых отравлениях (например, пищевых). Nonspecific detoxification - can be done both in a hospital (moderate and severe poisoning), so it can be done at home with mild poisoning (eg, food).

If we talk about the waste of metabolism (protein, carbohydrate, fat, energy), a healthy organism copes with their elimination and isolation with urine, feces, sweat. No further purification is required for this.

(от немецкого Schlacke) – отходы руды, остающиеся после ее выплавления. Slag (from the German Schlacke) is the waste of the ore remaining after its melting. That is, there are no "slags" in the body, this is not a medical term. This word is used in the people in a figurative sense (Ozhegov's explanatory dictionary is renumbered, many harmful substances accumulating in the body in the course of his life activity).


Protein metabolism products are secreted through the kidneys and liver (the kidneys remove the nitrogenous part of the amino acids in the form of urea, in the liver detoxification of protein toxins is carried out). If the kidneys are affected (for example, glomerulonephritis restricted glomerular filtration), they must be replaced with a hemodialysis machine, peritoneal (peritoneal dialysis) or replaced by a donor organ.

Through the kidneys (due to filtration, reabsorption and tubular secretion), most of the toxins are eliminated. In the glomeruli, toxins that are not associated with proteins are filtered. Limits this process only a large molecular mass of the toxin. In this case, the toxin can be excreted unchanged or converted to metabolites. All water-soluble toxins immediately remove the kidneys.


Fat-soluble toxins are first metabolized in the liver (partially in the skin and blood), and then also excreted by the kidneys. Sometimes the metabolites of toxins themselves can be poisonous. If the liver is affected by cirrhosis , and the various phenols and ammonia are not inactivated in it, but, when absorbed into the blood, they poison the brain, they have to be collected in the intestines on the surface by sorbents, dripping hemodeza solutions, polydase for patients in order to detoxify.


If you eat or drink dairy products "obsessed", for example, with staphylococci, toxins will inevitably fall into the digestive tract, causing a rise in temperature, pain in the head, muscles, joints, weakness, weakness, nausea and vomiting. This clinic is a classic staphylococcal toxicosis. Remove toxins from the digestive tract will help:

  • abundant drink (sweet tea, saline solutions of the type of Regidron, ordinary water), which in parallel make up the volume of fluid lost with vomiting
  • gastric lavage
  • enterosorbents, on which some of the toxins will have time to settle (Activated Carbon, Enterosgel, Polyphepan, Polysorb, Filtrum).

Expediency of cleansing the body

But the purity of the measures for a relatively healthy person without the symptoms of intoxication is highly questioned by many doctors. The purging boom was launched in 1995 by the German physician G.G. Rekieweg, who put forward the theory of slagging the body. Moreover, he suggested that serious illnesses such as oncology, bronchial asthma, etc., are the result of slagging. It's a delusion! But, such conclusions have found support among many of his colleagues and the great faith of many people. And then worked herd effect, fueled by the authors of dubious cleaning methods, promising longevity, youth and health after cleansing the body.

The metabolic products are formed in any organism and are derived naturally, for man is an organism, and not wasteless production. Therefore, without special indications, no "cleaning of the body" should not be done, it can do more harm than good. Especially dangerous:

  • fasting, tight diets
  • tjubazhi, cleansing enemas
  • questionable dietary supplements

And if we talk about helping the body in removing the products of vital activity, then it is possible to use the safest natural methods, which in fact are not considered to be a cleansing, but are components of a healthy lifestyle. Next, we describe them, and also give common mistakes that people allow, trying to cleanse your body in dubious and dangerous ways.

The following ways of helping the body suggest:

  • intensified drinking regimen
  • diet food
  • decrease in the volume of food
  • active lifestyle
  • to give up smoking
  • refusal of uncontrolled drug intake
  • decrease or total refusal from the use of alcohol.

In fact, we simply unload the body and saturate it with liquid so that the excretory system actively works and gives the products of the exchange for release. In conditions of normal functioning, which are possible due to easily assimilated food, sufficient drinking regime, decrease in the intake of alcohol, the digestive tract organs function fully and easily, while being cleaned in due time.

Raw water

The simplest and most obvious way to "cleanse the body of toxins" is to use clean water correctly. Water is not only a universal solvent, but also an excellent "washout" of metabolic products from the body. Drink follows clean water, either bottled or not boiled, but filtered through modern filters (Aquafor, Barrier, etc.) However, taking a lot of fluid has a number of contraindications, so even this seemingly simple method should be consistent with the doctor.


  • constipation (see laxatives for constipation )
  • malnutrition with excess fat and carbohydrates
  • passive lifestyle
  • a bad ecological situation, etc.

Начать можно в любой день. How it works: You can start any day. In the morning on an empty stomach 2 cups of cold unboiled water are drunk for half an hour. After 2 hours you should drink 2 more glasses of water with the addition of 1 tsp. honey (in the absence of allergy, pollinosis). Next, let's say a light snack from vegetables and fruits. Lunch and dinner can be as usual. Tea and coffee should be excluded for these days.

The procedure is repeated for a week. You can clean up once every 3 months.

What's happening? In the first half of the day, all metabolic processes of the body go faster than in the evening. Moreover, liquids drunk at night are absorbed by the tissues and lead to edema. Cold water is poorly absorbed by the intestine. Therefore, all the water will act as a cleaner.

Cleansing the skin and limiting the use of household chemicals

One of the most important components of the excretory system of the body is the skin, and therefore a natural way to purify the body of "slag", metal salts, nitrogenous substances (ammonia, urea, uric acid ) is sweating. With intensive sweating, the body is released from toxins:

  • Aerobic exercise - swimming, running, jumping, cycling, etc. (at least 2 p / week)
  • During water procedures - thorough cleansing of the skin with a brush
  • Reception of hot baths with salt, baths, saunas .

That is, with regular training, visiting a steam bath or a weekly cleaning bath, the body will be cleaned independently. Moreover, physical exertion contributes to the activation of the lungs, as they lead to rapid breathing, which in turn also removes volatile toxins.

Since the skin, especially in children, not only performs the excretory function, it can, on the contrary, replenish the stock of toxins that are contained in personal hygiene products (shampoos, shower gels, etc.), particles of harmful substances from washing powders that are in clothing and not rinsing (see the harm of household chemicals on the body) . Therefore, take eco-friendly and safe means and minimize the use of habitual hygiene means.

The same applies to the abuse of cosmetics (see harmful substances in cosmetics ), which, contrary to marketing tricks and advertising contain a lot of toxic compounds. The skin absorbs them in varying degrees of intensity and they accumulate in the body (see abuse of perfume, cosmetics approach menopause in women ).

Activated carbon

Habitual black tablets of coal are the most affordable and quite effective sorbent. However, it is not allowed to abuse energy sources, long-term administration (more than 7 days) suppresses the synthesis of vitamins in the intestine, and also disrupts the natural intestinal microflora.


: Для проведения угольного очищения необходимо рассчитать собственную норму «очистителя» из расчета 1 таблетка на 10 кг массы. How to conduct : For carrying out coal cleaning it is necessary to calculate own norm of "cleaner" at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of mass. The daily dose is divided into morning and evening reception - half an hour before meals in the morning and 1-2 hours after meals in the evening. Coal is washed down with 2 glasses of water.

Cleansing lasts 7 days. Repeatable, but no more than 2 times a year. After completion, it is necessary to drink the course of the drug, which restores the intestinal microflora.

Нельзя увеличивать дозу и длительность приема угля. Features: Do not increase the dose and duration of coal intake. Because it does not have selectivity, that is, it adsorbs both vitamins and useful flora. During the entire time of taking the coal, you must observe an easy diet without fat and sweet, drink plenty of liquid.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices

With health benefits, you can cleanse the body of toxins with freshly squeezed juices:

  • : очищает печень, избавляет от запоров; Cucumber juice : cleanses the liver, relieves constipation;
  • выводит токсины и устраняет хронические запоры; Pumpkin juice: removes toxins and eliminates chronic constipation;
  • : выводит токсины, причем обладает противораковым действием; Jerusalem artichoke juice : removes toxins, and has an anti-cancer effect;
  • : помогает работе печени, выводит токсины и предотвращает атеросклероз. Cauliflower juice : helps the liver work, removes toxins and prevents atherosclerosis.
  • оказывает противовоспалительное действие на пищеварительный тракт, избавляет от запоров. Potato juice: has an anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive tract, relieves constipation.

Juicy days can be arranged once in 2 weeks. On this day, you should give up heavy food, you can drink herbal tea, water, eat mucous porridge, soup-mashed potatoes.

: сок должен быть свежевыжатым и в таком объеме, чтобы выпить его за раз. An indispensable condition : the juice should be freshly squeezed and in such volume to drink it at a time. Drink juices should be during the day in small portions to a total volume of about 1.5 liters. They can be mixed, or you can drink first one kind, then another.

: Несмотря на то, что вышеперечисленные соки не являются агрессивными (кислотными) и, в отличие от фруктовых, не раздражают ЖКТ, кишечник может отреагировать послаблением стула, спазматическими болями, возможна тошнота. Features : Despite the fact that the above juices are not aggressive (acid) and, unlike fruit, do not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, the intestine can respond with a loosening of the chair, spasmodic pain, nausea is possible. Therefore, start with 0.5 - 1 glass a day, gradually increasing the volume with tracking the individual reaction of the body.

Rice pudding

How to properly and quickly cleanse the body - with the help of all known rice. This method is suitable for permanent use, unloading rice days can be arranged 1-2 times a week.


  • propensity to constipation or diarrhea
  • poor intestinal motility
  • unbalanced nutrition
  • excess weight

Начать можно в любой день. How it works: You can start any day. Rice is prepared in advance - half a cup of cereal is poured with 1 liter of cold water at night. In the morning rice should be cooked on low heat without additives. The resulting jelly should be cooled and drunk on an empty stomach, after which you should not eat for another 4-5 hours. Then you can only take easily digestible food.

? What's going on ? Rice, as a natural adsorbent, gently adsorbs to itself toxins, pathogenic bacteria. The enveloping substances help to repair the inner wall of the intestine. The starch component inhibits the processes of fermentation and bloating of the intestine.

Diet that cleanses the intestines

In the intestine accumulates the greatest amount of body waste, so it needs regular release from the accumulated. The safest and most effective way to do this is by observing a certain diet. Such a diet that cleanses the body will positively affect all its organs and tissues.

Forbidden Products

Products that purify the body

Fast food Whole-grain cereals and bran
Oily, salty, smoked, spicy dishes Sour-milk products of low fat content
Confectionery and sweets All Fresh Vegetables and Fruits
Carbonated drinks (including carbonated mineral water) Herbal teas, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, mineral water without gas
Alcohol Unrefined vegetable oils (see how to choose olive oil )
Coffee, strong tea Purified water (at least 2 liters per day)

What's happening? If this diet becomes a way of life, then such a thing as "slagging" the body will be fearless. Even temporarily adhering to such a diet, for 2-3 months you can achieve:

  • — нормализации работы кишечника dairy products - normalization of the intestine
  • — улучшения моторики и очищения кишечника от токсинов и «шлаков» vegetables, fruits, cereals, bran, oils - improve motor skills and purify the intestines from toxins and "slags"
  • — потерю лишних кило и улучшение состояния кожи. complex action of proper nutrition - loss of extra pounds and improvement of skin condition.

Cleansing the body after alcohol, food poisoning

It is clear that in alcohol and in spoiled products there is no use. And after a heavy use of alcohol or a poor-quality product, the body is actually poisoned with fusel oils and acetone in the first, and bacteria or products of their vital activity in the second case (see treatment of food poisoning ). And the faster all this leaves the body, the sooner the person will feel better.

The algorithm of the victim's actions is as follows:

  • to let out of orgasm everything that asks out, do not muffle vomiting and diarrhea, thanks to them most of the toxins will come out;
  • take sorbents. They will help remove those harmful substances from the intestine that have not gone away with diarrhea and vomiting, but have not yet absorbed into the blood. It can be activated carbon, Polysorb , Filtrum , Polyphepanum, Smecta , etc. It is impossible to combine sorbents with other preparations;
  • drink plenty of liquid in small portions (so as not to provoke vomiting). This can be special salt solutions such as oralit or touring, chamomile tea, berry juice, still mineral water, just pure water. The liquid will help restore the water-electrolyte balance and remove those harmful substances that have got into the blood.

That's all the cleaning steps that should bring relief within the next 12 hours. If this did not happen or if the condition is initially severe, you should call an ambulance.

Purification of the body after long-term use of medicines (antibiotics, cytostatics, etc.)

No wonder there is a proverb that one medication is treated, and the other is maimed. Taking an annotation to any drug, you can see what weighty side the head takes side effects.

To understand which organs suffer most after the prima of a particular drug, you need to read how the medicine is excreted from the body, and also to study side effects. Чаще всего страдает иммунная система, печень, кишечник (микрофлора, см. лечение дисбактериоза кишечника ) и почки.

It is impossible to raise the immunity of medicines (see if drugs are needed to improve immunity ), you can only support it:

  • with the help of a healthy lifestyle
  • regular walks in the fresh air
  • minimization of stay in public places
  • all green vegetables, especially herbs are rich in antioxidants, so will be useful
  • it is recommended to include in the diet sprouts buckwheat, wheat, spelled, sesame - in small sprouts accumulated the whole complex of biologically active substances with a high proportion of digestibility.

To help the liver will help diet food with a reduced proportion of fats - it is on their cleavage that the liver works the most. It is necessary to exclude coffee, alcohol, spices. You can drink thistle and laminaria preparations (see drugs for the liver ). The liver, as is known, is capable of self-healing, the main thing is to create conditions for this.

The work of the intestines can be normalized by taking medications that restore the microflora (linex, entero-regina, bioha, bio-norm, see Linex's analogues ). Slower, but no less effective, microflora is restored by living dairy products.

For proper functioning of the kidneys, a sufficient drinking regime is important (up to 2.5 liters per day), and most should be drunk in the morning. Teas on the basis of bearberry are beneficial for the urinary system.

General contraindications to the "cleaning" of the body

Any way to cleanse the body, despite some useful action, is a stress for him. You can not do it in the following cases:

  • in the presence of severe chronic pathologies of internal organs
  • with the aggravation of any diseases
  • in the presence of oncopathology
  • during pregnancy and lactation
  • in the period of taking medications, vitamins (see myths about synthetic vitamins )
  • in a period of stress and intense stress (mental and physical)
  • in childhood and adolescence
  • if the condition worsens during the cleaning period

Dangerous ways to cleanse the body

Cleanses for bowel cleansing

A popular way to "lose weight and get rid of toxins". This procedure does not bring any benefit, but the complete destruction of the microcenosis of the intestine is most likely. приводит к тяжелейшим последствиям, таким как хронические запоры, хронический дисбактериоз и травмирование кишечника. A new-fashioned procedure under the beautiful name of hydrocolonotherapy leads to severe consequences, such as chronic constipation, chronic dysbiosis and intestinal trauma.

Fasting, which supposedly allows the body to completely clear within 7-10 days, excluding the supply of toxins and harmful things with food

This technique also finds its victims, when people completely refuse to eat and drink one water, and then get into intensive care in a serious condition with irreversible changes in metabolism and the state of internal organs. Especially dangerous is starvation of patients with oncology, tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, etc.


The belief that one's own urine, which is nothing more than a waste of the body's vital activity, can purify blood and organs, has at last settled in the minds of some people. Our kidneys filter the blood plasma twice, for sure to give the bladder all the harmful and unnecessary. This is what a person tries to cleanse his body!


One of the modern methods of blood purification, which is available to people with large amounts of money and without indications for the procedure. It is positioned as a method of complete purification and rejuvenation of the body. With plasmapheresis, blood purification and saturation with vitamins and beneficial substances is carried out, which is run through a special apparatus. In fact, this method has strict indications, when the body can not clean blood on its own, is characterized by certain health risks up to a fatal outcome.

Cleansing the liver with vegetable oil and lemon juice

The most popular method, advertised on the Internet. Simultaneous administration of a huge dose of vegetable fat by the standards of the body requires that the liver begins to produce bile in an enhanced mode, which forms 4.5 times the daily norm. The empty bowel receives oil, lemon juice and 3600 ml of aggressive bile.

All this infernal mixture, passing through the digestive tract, turns into an outlet in a greenish color, clots of much larger volume than the usual portion of feces. These are deceivers-cleaners and are called "slags", which supposedly left the liver of the person being cleaned. In fact - it's dehydrated bile, colored with pigments from lemon juice.

And then serious things begin: in view of the fact that the liver has allocated an abnormally large amount of bile and worked on the wear and tear of its capabilities, there are hepatic bleeding and even abscesses - in the feces there are black veins that are nothing more than digested blood. Excess bile carries with blood throughout the body, leading to various problems, ranging from the yellow color of the skin to spastic constipation. And the person himself will be in a state of total impotence. Great cleansers will say that this indicates a complete cleansing of the body.

Conclusion: To cleanse your body or not - it's up to you. However, the organism, like nature, does not tolerate interference and can react quite differently to the purification performed than you expect.


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