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Review of antiviral drugs in cases of influenza and influenza
Review of antiviral drugs in cases of influenza and influenza

Any disease, especially ARVI and the Flu is easier, cheaper and safer not to treat, but not to prevent, to prevent its occurrence. Recently, especially worried about the "point" - it's safer. And if you save yourself ...

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The longer a man smokes, the lower his intelligence

The publication of Gazeta Daily says that researchers from Britain came to such a terrible conclusion. According to their information, men who are biased towards cigarettes have low intelligence and low ability to remember information ....

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Why the headache in the temples, in the forehead area: help, what to do

Contents: The main causes of pain in the temples A little anatomy When not only it hurts, but the condition worsens When the pain in the temples is the main symptom If the pain is accompanied by nausea If the pain is severe ...

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Health - the most precious thing that is given to a person, and that they are sometimes not appreciated. This is the only treasure, with the loss of which often neither social status, nor millions can no longer help. Thanks to good health, a person can learn, learn all the interesting things around, do what they love, raise their children and develop as a person.

The modern life of a city dweller is a crazy load on the body from all sides. The rapid rhythm of urban fuss, chronic stress, lack of time for normal nutrition, rest and sleep, a lot of temptations that fix a lot of bad habits in humans, preferences in harmful food. Residents of large industrial cities and megacities, even with good health, do not cope with everyday chemical, electromagnetic, radiation attacks on the body. During the day the townspeople encounter abundance:

  • — промышленных отходов, выхлопных газов, аллергенов in the air - industrial waste, exhaust gases, allergens
  • — массой химических красителей и вредных веществ in clothes - a mass of chemical dyes and harmful substances
  • — массой материалов, испарения которых приводят и к острым, и к замедленным отравлениям in household appliances, furniture, etc. goods - a mass of materials, the evaporation of which leads to acute and delayed poisoning
  • — активное использование вредоносной бытовой химии in everyday life - active use of harmful household chemicals
  • — консервантов, красителей, искусственных ароматизаторов, эмульгаторов, антибиотиков, гормональных средств in food products - preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors, emulsifiers, antibiotics, hormones
  • — на сегодняшний день вызывают опасение, поскольку производители не жалеют химикатов, пестицидов для большего и качественного урожая, к тому же дополнительная обработка для длительного хранения также добавляет химизации в натуральные продукты. even useful vegetables and fruits - are of concern today, as producers do not spare chemicals and pesticides for a larger and better crop, moreover, additional treatment for long-term storage also adds chemicals to natural products.

All this leads to the fact that a person already by the age of 30 acquires a bouquet of chronic diseases, and children with their immature immune system and impending workload, today suffer from such diseases that only elderly people ached 50 years ago.

Of course, both the pharmaceutical industry and medicine today are at the highest level of technological and information development. And even this does not guarantee a complete, timely disposal of some ailments that could be avoided, if you stop in time, listen to your body, undergo examination and treatment. It is very important to monitor the state of your own organism, your precious health independently.

The proverb "informed - means armed" to date is very relevant, especially for human health. And every person should know about signs, symptoms of some dangerous diseases, in order to provide first aid to a close person in time, to turn to medical help in time, to undergo a full diagnostic and adequate treatment, and then have the opportunity to continue a full life.

Everyone knows that any disease is easier to prevent than treat, the Zdrav-Response website also provides readers with information about methods of preventing certain diseases, about proper nutrition and rules for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We do not at all urge you to self-medicate, our project is created only for acquaintance, any medicamental treatment to appoint and follow the dynamics of therapy should only be a qualified doctor!

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