The longer a man smokes, the lower his intelligence

The publication of Gazeta Daily says that researchers from Britain came to such a terrible conclusion. According to their information, men, biased to cigarettes, have low intelligence and low ability to remember information. In general, the components of tobacco smoke affect all cognitive functions of the brain of men.

British scientists conducted a grandiose experiment in which about 7,000 volunteers were involved. Among this number, about 5 thousand subjects were men. Of course, they were all smokers.

The results were disappointing, not only for cognitive disorders. So even medical therapy of the consequences of a long-existing addiction was not always effective. Smokers - the main contingent for the formation of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), from which you can die.

It is worth noting that, to some extent, smokers can use vegetables and fruits to prevent COPD. They have antioxidants - direct protectors of lung tissue. The best effect is possessed by peppers, apples of different varieties. The risk of lung pathology may be reduced by 40% if you eat at least 5 days a week for a long period of life.

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