Rapid water contributes to longevity, as it is necessary to drink water

There is a simple, but at the same time, an effective way to prolong life - the secret of longevity, which is known since antiquity. Everybody knows this recipe and even unconsciously uses it, not realizing its usefulness. This is the drinking of ordinary water.

As a person grows older, the body becomes dehydrated, so it needs to be regularly fed, supplied with life-giving water. With its lack in the body, the blood becomes dense, pressure rises, skin elasticity decreases, wrinkles form, joint pains and headaches develop. A way to get rid of all this and improve your body is simple - you need to drink water.

To drink water: but how, when and how much?

Water is the main component of our body. It is also a carrier of energy and information and is needed to move energy through the body. It absorbs all the information, transforms it and passes on. If you send a solid negative, then the liquid will be charged negatively, with positive emotions, water will fix it. To strengthen and improve the body needs positively charged water. For this, you can simply read a prayer over a glass of water. So, how to drink water correctly:

  • — йоги рекомендуют пить воду утром, как только проснулись и не есть потом полчаса. When - yogis recommend drinking water in the morning, as soon as you wake up and do not eat after half an hour.
  • — исходя из возможностей организма, можно стакан, можно два. How much - based on the capabilities of the body, you can glass, you can two. As much as the body tells you.
  • — вода должна быть тепло-горячей, градусов около 40. Temperature - water should be warm-hot, about 40 degrees.

You need to start small, you can even take a couple of sips. Then the dose should be gradually increased. The main thing is to do it regularly, then it will become a habit and become the norm. See what water is best to drink - bottled, tap water, filtered .

Why should water be just this temperature?

It is called "fast water". Many people think that water is absorbed in the stomach, which is not the case. Suction occurs in the small intestine. And in the stomach there is a digestive process, the water there will only interfere, dilute the gastric juice and food as a result of poorly digestible. The human stomach is designed in such a way that only water can immediately enter the small intestine, since it does not need to be digested, unlike tea, compotes, carbonated drinks and other. And why is it warm?

  • Because if it is cold, then the stomach will have to heat it to a suitable temperature, and only then pass into the intestine.
  • According to the Chinese, the heating of water and cold food is due to the energy of the kidneys, so the cold should be avoided, since the energy of the kidneys should not be wasted, it should be protected and multiplied.

Conclusion: you just need to drink water, warm and on an empty stomach, so that in the stomach there is no food and do not eat for half an hour. In doing so, you should say words of gratitude and fill the water with positive emotions.

Water, having drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will make up for the deficiency formed over a long night, and also will quickly remove toxins, the remnants of undigested food, and improve the emptying of the intestine. In addition, he will prepare the gastrointestinal tract to eat food: in half an hour you can safely have breakfast, and all the eaten food will be well absorbed. A properly configured work of the gastrointestinal tract is a recipe for longevity and health. That's the whole secret.


  1. So I'm doing it right. In the morning I drink up to 3 glasses of purified heated water, however, I do not say anything about it. I drink water with pleasure. Then during the day only 0.5 liters, on a sip.

  2. Water flushes all vitamins and salts from the body. It is necessary to drink then when you want to drink and not to perform a program to absorb water, what at all means to drink 2 liters of water!

    • If the water is mineralized, then it will not wash out the salts. Do not drink boiled water. Vitamins are different, they are digested or not digested, the water has nothing to do with it. And thirst is already a signal about the lack of water, so why bring the body to such signals. At us do not pay due attention to water, from here and diseases everyones.

    • Delirium, from which drinking water will wash away vitamins and salt?

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